Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Andreas Rocha


I like the switch to green, 'thought purple worked for me as well. While I can understand wanting to veer away from looking like ‘Independance Day,’ the last mock-up had such large, simple ships that they grabbed you intantly and now, I kind of find myself struggling to make out what is going on. Partly it’s because these new ships are much darker, not a mass of light like the last ones. But it could also have to do with the quantity of them: The last image had a fer large ships, and this feel like more numerous, smaller ships because of the sheer number of “fins.” Have you tried going with fewer ones?

Best of luck!



Looks graet! I like the green glow and shark concept however i think that it isn’t enough obvious that this are shark fins.


I think I’m back on track again with this one. The “fin-ships” weren’t working, since they broke up the horizontal feeling of the whole image to much (as pointed out by Fahrija…thanks). And also, the majority of you liked the saucer-like solution better so I went back to that one. I gave up, trying to escape Independance Day.

I gave the downward tip a less conical shape to make it look more cylindrical, making it look heavier, more agressive. And the circular spotlights are supposed to mimic green treacherous spider eyes (I know they don’t have eyes like that, but somehow they remind me of that). The fume dropping from the bottom of the spaceship looks almost venomous.

Fire away your comments, please!


I think this one looks great. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


hey dude, this last one (for me) is the best one…continue in this way (my opinion):thumbsup:


simply eyecandy! the cloud work makes the scene massive…love those some flocks details too. good luck Andreas.:applause:


Hey Andi!

Three days with no new posts now… I can’t wait anymore! Come on, let’s get those creative gears going…

Então pá? Andamos a dormir ou quê? Drjj - Drrj -Ptrjj!!! Ok, ok, tu bem mereces um descanso… bom fim-de-semana :thumbsup:


Yeah!! I think that you’re going on the right direction, defenately!! I really like your last ship design and mood that it’s giving to the whole scene is very cool!!

Continua com este bom trabalho e de certeza que, no final, serás recompensado!!:thumbsup:


It seems like I haven’t posted anything here in ages. It’s getting more timeconsuming now, but also more interesting. Luckily I had some time to work on this.

I’m entering the final coloring stage, but there is still a lot of work to be done (don’t really know what the difference is between Final Coloring and Color WIP).

I gave the sky some richer warmer colors (heavy use of the color dodge mode…I love it). I think I will have to give the right part of the sky some of its definition back…looks too blurred.

I also worked quite a bit on the sea with some blurred reflections in the back.

The city also got more buildings making it look more cluttered, overcrowded, but I still don’t think it is enough.

I made the spaceship more flat…The idea is also to make it look like it has some huge green eyes and that the lower part is a breathing mouth. I believe that giving it more character will end up making it more threatening.



Great! The mood is great. You can realy feel that something terrible is going to happen. My illustraction looks so miserable compared to yours :frowning: Can’t wait to see final version!!


I love it, It reminds me of the parts in independance day when the spaceships enter earth’s atmosfere, covered in a big cloud, or close encounter of the third kind when the ships come from the clouds eluminating them. I love the poision green you used, its a great contrast to the warmer orange colours and it gives the whole thing a more eery scary feeling to it, really alien like. If I would see these things greaking free slowly from the cloud’s I would have been scared as hell

Love it!

anyway, how did you do the whole
See how it loozes contrast and saturation when objects are further away, just wondering how you did that

thnx, and good luck


This has turned out great so far. Truth be told, I actually thought the purple looked nicer, but the green adds a more dangerous, somewhat toxic look to it, so it works. The detail on the city is fantastic as well.
I like the color tones in the clouds of course.
Very nice work :slight_smile:


personnaly, I prefer the ships of your color WIP n#12. On your last update, I find the chamfers of your saucers too visible : the ships look smaller…


MAN, fantastic! the feeling of somekind of invasion,it’s well done represented…
nothing to say! :eek:


Just had to come back and check on any new posts - it’s looking great! :slight_smile: Claireabella


Hi Andreas,

Your picture turns out very well. Especially the ocean and the cityscape develop extraordinary from post to post. Great. :slight_smile:

In my opinion the only thing that makes still a bit trouble is the green color. Maybe it could be an idea to vary the color range a little bit. In the center of the gear could be a white/yellow lightning > this light has effect on the brown color of the space ship >this gets lighten up a bit. And when the energy of the gear band together with the atmosphere you have your green clouds. This shows that it poisens the environment. In addition you indicate that this encounter is not harmless.

If you don´t mind I placed a link below. It´s for showing what I mean by vary the color.
< example >



Thanks everybody for the positive comments.

KaleN Your entry is awesome and full of character. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

EVIL I know it looks like Independance Day. That is the main thing I don’t like about my image. Too much clichés everywhere. Instead, what I am aiming for now, is to take all the clichés, and make the image as good a cliché as possible. Thanks for all the comments…you’re feeling what I want people to feel with this image. However, I think that there is still a lot I can do to improve this. About the rendering…just used Fog in the Environment…no biggy…

sidchagan Thanks, man…difficult to get to a color everybody likes. The glowing green, however, is understood as toxic by most, as you pointed out.

Arctis Don’t exactly know what you mean. Perhaps I will have to attenuate contrast and saturation to make the spaceship look farther away.

Thanks Clairebella and BloodTaster.

Fahrija Thanks for the supportive comments. Nice idea about the progressive colors from yellow (near source, pure) to green (spread out, poisonous). I think I’ll try it out. But I think this has to be very subtle to work. Thanks for taking the time to show me the example.


im really enjoying looking at your painting … but there is a small thing of the last submission, which is that the disks of the closest ship seems to be… well they dont look right. if you look at the ship as layers of disks… and if the top disk is flat, then the bottom disk seems to be tilting backwards a bit and its a little flatterened at the back… dont know if others see this but just something i kinda picked up…

p.s really hope someone agrees with me here!!.. dont wanna look a foul…:stuck_out_tongue:


The composition is looking way better now, some nice effects with the ships and the clouds…:thumbsup:


hi Andreas…
you may don’t care… your image even nearly doesn’t look as good as Independence Day…
all you have is just rough attempts to immitate a grand event…
and it doesn’t matter what color you’re using for light or so… do you know why?

because your image is about nothing… and you are not able to create something worthy… something expressive…
because you have nothing to tell… nothing to express… you are empty as person… you are a blind…
the self-pride and the self-love are overwhelming and blinding you…
check the thread of Steve Newport to get an idea what is happening with persons like (unfortunately) you are…

i’m very glad that you start to appriciate the replys but take a look at your thread… how many times you have expressed a gratitude… do you think every one is obliged to check your thread or all the more to post comments or crits?
your largest reply is dedicated to a stupid person who find nothing better then call himself an evil (and with only capital letters!)…

your work will worth nothing untill you remain in such condition of spiritual emptiness… and colors and lines can’t help you in any way…

i absolutely do not care what you’ll think about me after this posting…
but if someday God decides to help you (???) you’ll understand that i wish you only well…