Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Andreas Rocha


I agree with Bloodtaster: possibly a bit more angular of a design, because the mood of the ships arrival is a bit ambiguous. If you are going for threatening or even “evil” just a small hint of evilness can go a long way. Red glows arent necessarily the way to go but maybe simulate some kind of “dark-matter” coming off of the ships or the angularity of the design. The sharp edges can convey more “edginess” if you know what I mean. My Challenge pic currently uses reddish glows to convey evil so I maybe I should listen to my own advice heh. It looks great so far keep it up!


it looks better than last time. looks good , is something like “independence day” ( the movie)
when the aliens go into the planet breaking the clouds. an escene very fantastic.

keep going boy!


I don’t know.I thing that ship’s design + purple clouds are fine.Designs of ships has kind of promise inside (most likely promise of threat :slight_smile: + i thing that red clouds would little ruin harmony of picture.(In matter of colour).

P.S. I thing that your work is clear candidate to high ranks,so you really don’t have to give up.


[color=white][font=Verdana]Wonderful scene. I’m not sure if I like those bright pinkish purple colored lights. I think it’s distracting from the overall piece too much. I love the way it’s reflecting off the ocean. Maybe experiment with other colors. I think you need a bright color there, just not purple. It seems too far from the color scheme already established. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome. I also like the ships as is, I like the comment about making the onlookers more frightened and panicked.



Nice stuff, and absolutly no reason to be discouraged (though doubt is sometimes a good friend of the artist…)
Maybe it would be more dramatic - I’ve read that’s what you’re looking for- with red colors, and also if it was only lights above the clouds : the fact that we could not even describe that “presence” makes it totally unknown, therefore frightening. It would create an opposition between two worlds : 1/ world of the city, solid and well identified (bottom/left) ; 2/ world of the threat, foggy, blurred, difficult to describe (top/right).
Good luck !

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A very good direction! Go on! :slight_smile:


dont feel discouraged bro, that rocks, i love it. keep it up man. cool conecpt. mabie give a little purple relflection comin off the buildings in the slightest way but that is sweet.


man…I’m really didn’t found the reason why you have to discouraged:). your work is great!! I think purple is already fine, but if you want to experiment some more, we also want to see it of course. Good luck !


Hi, Always cool your progression there is not small to dimension
film “Independence day”?


I like the cool violets coming through. It creates a nice contrast to the warms in the evironment. I’m afrais that if you went warm with the light, you might lose some of the strong since of emphasis. I like it, though I do agree that the ship can possibly be modified. Thats nit-picky though. It’s looking great :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Nice color seperation of story elements. Be great if you could make the clouds more “boiling” around the ships so they appear to be moving the clouds like a shark fin on waters surface.


Probably going backwards with this one.

One thing that has been bothering me since the beginning, was the whole influence of “Independence Day” in this image. Although it wasn’t intentional it is clearly there, and I wouldn’t like to go in that direction.

Some of you referred to the purple glow not working too well and the spaceship needing more definition. Well, I decided to go for some evil, poisonous green, and big industrial spaceships. They are supposed to mimic sharks with their fins out of the water but upside down. The spaceships in the background need a lot of work still, but you can already get an idea what they will look like from the more detailed spaceship in the middle. I also wanted to introduce some motion, hence the trails and the triangular format of the spaceships.

The nearest spaceship (right edge of the picture) doesn’t look good yet. I don’t know if I’ll keep it.

What I would like to know now is your opinion about these changes. Try to imagine the whole sky full of these “sharklike” spaceships. Tell me what you think of these changes. I can easily go back to the previous stage and continue from there.

Thanks for all the comments. Your support is very much appreciated.


Hi Andreas

I´ve been comparing your last posts. I think that you get the feeling of something that is going to happen. I can feel it and it is great. But there is something I dont like in the spaceships. If you want some alien like ships, I prefer the round lighting ship. The new green ones look to much as a single human factory. They dont have this mysterious, strange, alien feeling. When I think in alien ships I always think in something very different from human engineering. I am thinking right now in “Abyss”, the movie for example. I think you could rescue the idea of something dark misted in the clouds. The shark fin idea is great but I imagine something strange behind this.


I like a lot the idea of the shark fins, maybe you could give some backwards curvature to the ships, to make it more shark-like… and I’m not sure abour the greenish glow, it looks a bit strange to me

anyway, you are meking great work here, good luck!


Hi Andreasrocha,
I totally agree with Kaparo : something more mysterious would be stronger, though the idea of shark’s fins is good.
Very clean work on the waves ! :thumbsup:

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It seems that you already have the right formula!

Parabéns pela tua imagem ter sido publicada na última newsletter!!:thumbsup:


I agree the latest ships dont work, the ships you had before work for me. The waves look cool but maybe too big compared to the buildings on the coast…AAAHHHH!! tidle wave grab the surfboards guys…keep up the good work :slight_smile:


and i think that latest version of the ships is better and fits the total composition. nice mood. now it looks not so good 'cause of color of the ships. change the colors - and it’ll be the best.


I like very much the idea of the sharks’ fins even though the previous comp(the purple glows one) don’t displease me at all


Hi andreas,

I would still prefer working on the previous composition because now the vertical ships break in the horizontal arrangement. The green colour is a bit to contrarian to the clolor scheme of the environment which you ´ve established very well.

Keep up, mate