Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Andreas Rocha


awesome overall, i would go a srep further and add some reflection on the sea(?), right part of image to reduce flatness:thumbsup:


Dont go back- the colors you’ve added arount loud, and they inject a lot more life into the drawing without looking cheesy.
This scene has a much grander feel to it than the previous steps too.


Hello Andy!

Went too far? Are you kidding… now you’re really getting there! I just think you could scatter the effect trough the clouds a bit more.

It would also be cool if you invested in the “Ships bringing the storm” motif, and really painted some real dark stormy cloudscape on the top right portion of the image… just a tought.

Anyway, truly great stuff mate :thumbsup:


Another step…this seems to be going on and on…but what I really like, is that I am enjoying myself more and more.

I always consider everybody’s suggestions and I implement some of them…so, keep commenting please. It really helps.

Now I am starting the detail rendering phase, since I am happy with all the major elements’ position, scale and color. Eventually I will make some minor adjustments, but the main strutcture is there. Spent some time rendering the clouds around the spaceship’s center using some photos as reference that I had taken during a thunderstorm. The reflections on the sea suggested by giza-di worked out great. Thanks man…and thanks to Rui for the great thunderstorm clouds suggestion.

Until the next update…


my own perception - that previous version of ships in the sky was better. reason? well - last version is out of composition, is out of total picture mood. everything can be grey, or may be you wish to show us the salvation? i think that latest version of ship is too much optimistic and lightened. previous was better.


Wow a new direction, I do like it no crits from me :thumbsup:


Hi, Your last station is really cool.


Maybe just try making the lights from the ship a little less intense? They do seem a bit too ‘overexposed’ for the mood of the piece.


I have watched you progress with each step and I am loving it! My only suggestion is to tone down the white light and bring back a little more of the purple color lighting. I think it helps add to the drama of the scene. I would try to keep the white light focused on the main beam comming out of the ship. I look forward as always to your next post.


Let me tell you that i’m really liking your WIP!! I think that you have great drawing skills! Are you using a Wacom for your digital drawing? Keep on dude!! Di you study Architecture?..heh heh!!

Bom trabalho!!:thumbsup:


EXCELENT piece.Only thing i can dare to suggest is that you shold work on light that come from ships a bit.To be more concrete i thing that it would be fine to add some light berfore second ship.With lights in present form it reminds me ship that is on fire.


I am seeing some really awesome work appear on this challenge and I’m starting to feel a bit discouraged…but at the same time I feel that I must try and do as good as the others.

Well…I did some heavy rendering on the clouds and the sea, trying to infuse the image with feelings of threat and opression. I’m going for a low, heavy-clouded sky overhanging a restless sea. You should feel like something is about to happen. I still have to do something about those motherships. They look too peaceful! Perhaps turn the pink/purple glow into the cliche red?

Suggestions to make this invasion more threatening are most welcome.


Hé when I see your drawing there there is no reason at all to discourage!!!

It’s got a great atmosphere and indeed that maybe the cliché red lights could be more evil.

Your colorscheme is already quit into the oranges/brown’s etc.So indeed it could be cool to have some red.I would maybe keep some pink into it anyway to not stay to much into the same colorscheme anyway.

Anyhow,your sketches are really nice and living,and your image rocks.Indeed we’ve got this heavy feeling of something dont’ smell good about what is going to happen(sorry for my english :-/)

I sign up for this thread,eyes shut :slight_smile: (eyes very open!!!)

My grint spacepra:


I think that you’re right for turning the light color into red, but i alsow think that you should try a diferent ship design to turn those ships into a more threatning ones!! At the moment those ships are looking like they are simply passing by for holydays!!


Hi Andreas,

Even though this is my first post, I’ve been watching your entries, and I can honestly say,that altough you’ve been struggling with your idea a bit, you have great talent with your e-brush :wink:

I like the ideia of dividing the frame, half peaceful, half menacing. That said, I also think you should change the invading ships’ design to something more hostile, especially that tip…
As for the color, I suggest a dark blue, perhaps with a slight dash of purple. I agree with some of the other posts, light should be dimmer, except maybe for the tip (is it going to fire some sort of beam? very ID4 :wink:

I’m curious to see how this is gonna turn out…

Um abraço


Hey Andreas! Your pic is really coming together. Did you notice that the CGNetworks email newsletter used your pic to illustrate the mini article on the GSO challenge? You must be on the right track then, be proud of it! :thumbsup:

As to feeling discouraged, try to aim higher than you believe is possible. You will surprise yourself at how you meet the challenge. Focus on your own strengths and style. Always learn and try something new. Enjoy what you do. This way you always win!

As to making your spacecraft more threatening, not sure. What I get from your pic is the feeling that a great unknowing time of peace and security is about to be torn apart by the arrival of the aliens. Play up the fear on the lone observer, are they the first and only witnesses to this ominous arrival? You could crank up the attack factor by giving the spacecraft a central thrust beam which is boiling up the sea below them, maybe a subtle searchlight or two to act as roving ‘eyes’. One last thing, the ships don’t ‘seem’ big enough to me, I think due to the simplicity of their form. Maybe some implied detail would sort this out. In general, though, it’s a great image!


Hi andreasrocha

I really like what you´re doing where, beautiful oranges on the atmosphere and that dark sea is wonderful :thumbsup:
I particularly love the sense this image gives, that something big, almost biblical, is arising!
Maybe you should also try some different colors instead of red in that spacecraft… a bright blue, to contrast with the amber colors maybe… it could be interesting the comparison between the warm, antique feel of the world and the tech, “new”, cold tone of the alien ship… just my two cents anyway.

Please don’t give up on this image, its coming along great.
Following this one :wink:

*A imagem está fantástica, espero que consigas reuinir forças e inspiração para continuar :slight_smile:



Hi andreasrocha,

I´m really surprised that you are dicouraged about your development. There´s no reason at all.

Some suggestions:
To underline the massive scale of the space ship I would try to render some more parts of it around the center object> that give the impression that a big space ship is coming from upside and those parts you see are just the tip the iceberg. I also would ad some backlight coming from left to the buildings along the shore as you did in the foreground object just to fetch back the environment a bit.
Speaky is right > to underline the action it could be useful to show the influence the entrance into the atmosphere has. > the water gets troubeld > or the wind gets stronger - you can indicate that by the clothes and hair of the characters they streaming a bit to the left.

I hope that helps > so keep up and don´t worry :slight_smile:



With the skill level that denotes your artwork i think that you don’t have to be discouraged at all. Great work and great idea. I love the lightning effect in the clouds.


Man, there is no reason for your discouraged, this pic simply rocks!!:buttrock:
I agree, with the others, maybe you can try a more evil design on the ships …and make appear really big!, with more parts coming out of the clouds. Maybe a little ships around the big ones, i don’t know. Great work so far!
just keep up:thumbsup: