Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Andreas Rocha


Here is an alternative to the last design. I think, that removing the spaceships and the fumes…and adding a strong haze over the city…things come together.

Perhaps instead of an attacking squadron I could have departing fighters to counterattack the threat appearing among the clouds…just and idea. Still have to figure it out.


Hi Andreas, to me it’s beginning to read quite a bit better now. You could try making the mist/fog a little more smooth and intense near the horizon and kind of fading away as it approaches the camera. The evenness makes it appear quite vertical, if that makes any sense. The idea of fighters racing out to engage an enemy seems to be much more dramatic, it’s worth exploring this.

Don’t get disheartened! Keep on with the thoughtful, considered approach and this pic will end up being fantastic.:thumbsup:


Oh yes coming along nicely :thumbsup:


I think the lineart 02 looked much better, than those colored ones. Though that might be just me.
I suggest you to make this more like before sunset type of coloring, I think that’ll do it. Good luck.


It’s important to listen to what people have to say, yet at the same time stick to your guns. Let your development be the answer key to your final piece. Work (design) it out early and stick to it when you move to the final. Simplicity and a focal point may help to. Too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the recipe, feel me.

I think of picture making like boxing or fencing… lol even cooking. You start in the gym(market, sketches, research) then you move onto the ring (kitchen, final). You start with jabs, engaging the entire space… you find out the opponent’s sweet spot, wear it down(the focal point, main ingredient) than you knock it out. the coup de grace.

And if you lose, you learn, and it’s something that you love to do reguardless, right!

it’s a win win… take care

D pi

PS. you can listen to your corner ringside, but don’t think about it when your in the mix.


I think you’re making some really good progress here. Color06 is really nice, but I think you need to add back the fighter ships from 04. And the giant ship over the city needs more definition.

The only thing that bothers me about this…and it may be what’s nagging at you…what exactly is supposed to take the main focus. My eye can’t find a main focal point on which to rest. So the eye keeps circling and circling looking for a place to land. Ask yourself, what is the main point? Are we supposed to get a feeling of doom from the giant ship? Are we supposed to feel the little fighters are up againt huge odds battling with the big ship? You might have covered some of this in earlier on, I admit I didn’t read the entire thread, just thumbed through the progress of your sketches. I also kind of wonder why we are so far removed from the guys on the right side. They look like ants and we can’t get a sense of their feelings.

Anyway, its looking good - can’t wait to see where you take it next! Keep going!


Thanks robinayles and D pi…great advice!


Changed some things here…and I think they worked out for the best. I decided to give the image more space and more relevance to the cityscape. There was a conflict somehow and I didn’t know where it was coming from. So I reduced/removed the hangar. But I still have the same problem now…where to put the invading army. But now I have more space to introduce them (if I introduce them, that is). In time the solution will present itself.

I put two variations here:

Variation A is still a bit confusing because you cannot really make out the figures. But I think that can easily be mended by dimming the background behind them. I like this one, because it introduces characters and gives some scale to the whole thing.

Variation B is a continuation of the initial hangar idea, however, I gave it much less relevance and I think it works out. I like this one, too, because everything looks clear, and you can really appreciate the sight of the city. What does not work so well, is “Where the hell does this hangar come from?” You can always find an explanation, but I want it to be a visual one. Right now, it seems like the hangar is coming from nowhere. However, I think the image looks balanced this way. I just have to make a link between the city and the hangar. I’m sure this solution will also present itself in time.

I would like to hear some opinions as to what course to take.

Thanks everybody for the ongoing comments and support.


I’m not an expert in regards to compositions or anything. But I personally think it’d be great if you combined the elements of both your last Variation A & B. Perhaps have a solitary figure standing at the rails of the platform on the Bottom Left Corner looking out over the city. Maybe I’m just a romantic!! Anyway, I think your ideas are great. Also maybe you could lighten the shadows and clouds a little. Or maybe I just have a bad monitor. Nothiing personal by my comments, all the best and you’re doing really well. Wish I could draw like you. Keep up the good work.



I agree with this, You could have the fighters coming between the tower and the hanger. Also the tower could be to scale of the hanger or brought right up close to us the viewer so we can see the reaction of the guys in the tower…just a thought keep up the cool work :thumbsup:


I went for variation A, since variation B had a floating hangar that was more a collage than something integral of the whole design (there goes the hangar and the initial idea). I added some huge alien spaceships approaching the city among the dark threatening clouds. The platform with the figures was turned into an outpost turret, which repeats into the distance.

I think that my main ingredients here are the light which creates some strong dramatic light/shadow situations and the tension between the calm, peaceful city and the approaching gigantic spaceship. Still have to think of a way to make the latter look more threatening.


Hi Andreas. Your pic caught my eye as I was looking through the entries. I really like the lighting and the overall effect. I agree with your comment about making the spaceships look more threatening - what about swarms of mini fighters or someting leaving a docking bay or leading the ships in? Will keep watching and good luck. :slight_smile: Claireabella


nice image; the idea is rather independence day (huge spaceships shrouded in cloud) or maybe hitchikers guide to galaxy (they hang in the air exactly the way bricks don’t). But anyhow, looks really good!


great improvements… in my opinion last sketch is the best one… strong sense of a threat and tension… especially i like flying away birds in the backgrounda… great atmosphere…:thumbsup:


You’re really doing a great job with everything. It’s very hard to critique some pieces because there’s so much good going on in them as well! But, I know that the best things come from critique so hears the only things I could suggest as of now.

It seems like you are going for a very grand sense of height in this image, and I think the effect would be more easily achieved if you added some atmospheric fading to the top of the largest building. Or better yet, maybe even cut part of it off due to the fact that it is so large it’s jutting up through the clouds. I mean, yea, the tower is many times higher than most of the other buildings, but the fact that the clouds are still higher than that one takes away from some of the potential it has. Play around with it and see if it comes across the way I’m explaining!

Another thing. I can’t entirely tell because it is, at the moment, a kind of rough sketch, but it seems like the shadows of the buildings on the lake and those of the people in the turret tower don’t line up. The shadows of the buildings on the lake are perfectly parallel to the horizon, and the shadows of the people seem to be coming towards the viewer. The sun would have to be completely, all the way to the viewers left to project the parallel shadows of the building, OR The sun would have to be very close to the top left of the picture to project the figure’s shadows. Granted, with one light source, their two shadows would be slightly different lining up with with the shadow-light vanishing point, but I don’t believe these to are entirely correct. I’m providing a picture to kind of help get across what I’m trying to say, but it’s very rough, hard to explain with all the lines and stuff. But basically, you use the light source and the point directly below the light source on the horizon line (shadow vanishing point) to determine an objects shadow. There’s usually 2 lines coming from the vanishing point for each object, for every curve and such, but my illustration’s already cluttered the way it is! I guessed on where you have the light source at, so my illustration may not be entirely correct, but it will at least get across what I’m triyng to say

And last, usually a large body of water doesn’t retain the same color as it recedes to the horizon line. It usually gets darker, and maybe slightly towards the end a little lighter because of the atmospheric fading, but very slightly. It looks fine now, but I think it would be worth some experimentation, maybe look up a few more referance pics.

Great piece! I’m nagging over the little things that won’t make or break the piece, but I believe it will make it a little more dynamic and convincing. I really look forward to your development of the piece!


well. I don’t speak to much english but I will try to say this, becouse you are a great artis and sometimes artis need all the opinion…

I like the one whith the hangar… and the city… becouse it’s more impresive… and gives a sense of gigant futuristic city… I was thinking about the problem on the imagen… and I think the problem is the light, to much atention in the left… and then… the hangar… try to take my atention to him… (hope you understand this)… I think that if you use the ligh on the right the image will have a nice valance. and the angar will looke like is floating!..

I think there is to much smoke on the image… and to litle destruction… I don’t think more destruction will help… but lest smoke. and whit a clean image… you can work whith more detail.

this is only my opinion, hoping to help.

please excuse my english…
and hope you came out whit this great! idea!



I think u could use something from ur skettch A and B, combine it and get a right choise… like many users told u before me. I think u could use a “tower” from a sketch A and fit it into the sketch B, somewere in the middle distance (more in the back that its shown in sketch A) in the left side of the pic. Thats how u’ll create a first plan, the most interesting point in the picture (that will be a hangar in the right), a middleground with a tower in the left, and a background with all those high buildings. For more dynamical feeling add some flyingships. Just my opinion… Even if I didnt help a bit, have to say that u r working on a great piece of art here!


hey thats beatiful, an escenary very starwars

congratulations you are very good:thumbsup:


Introduced some colours to make things a bit more interesting. However, I don’t know if I went too far. Perhaps I’ll go back to the previous step. I’ll have to think about it…


Wow! I really like where you’ve taken that last piece. The coloring, especially the contrast between the “native” and the “invading” is really strong. Did you “go too far?” Maybe just a little… Or maybe you just need a more gradual transition. I like the blue because it contrasts so with the orange, and yet at the same time, the interface is a bit sharp. But i have no doubt that you’ll find a good balance. Btw, did you try any other colors? Green could look really creepy too, don’t you think?

One other small note: now the figures on the left - which I really like to bring the human scale back in - seem rather calm. How would they react to such a sight?

anyhow, best of luck! I look forward to seeing more.