Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Andreas Rocha


looks great, congratulations and good luck!


Hey Andi!
Congratulations on finishing a fantastic piece, man!
I am proud to have followed your journey, and be there for the grand finale!

You are right, the last days never fulfill… :wink:



Hi, Andi! The final piece is quite beautiful! I love the sense of struggle between Darkness and Light, I think it is a crucial theme for a lot of artists and life itself, not just Sci-Fi. The main strengths of the image are the geometric and chromatic composition, the materiality/plausibility of everything, the depth and, of course, the whole idea behind it!
I can only imagine the thousands of hours of work you put into this and am only glad if I helped you in any way with my crits! Good luck for the contest and congratulations for a job well done!
Carlos Félix


This turned out amazing. The only thing I can comment on, other than what I already have, is that the detail on the buildings and ship look awesome.


Your work have an intense feeling of desolation… the end of an age. Great atmosphere, the most I like are the clouds and the water.
Great work, good luck.




Detail A

Detail B

Detail C


lovely stuff… loving the detailed pics… and would love to draw with that style… soo loose and yet looks sooo awsome, anyway its defintly gonna win something… gud luck!


Hi Andreas

Haven´t been able to comment on this, but has been in here a couple of times. Knew I had to come back after deadline. You don´t let me down, this is my winning piece of the 2D section. A long time I thought I liked “Tranchefaux” image better, the one with the flying, living buildings. But this has more depth and feel. Really like it a lot. Nothing more to add

Please, be the winner…

Looking forward to see other things from you.



Congratulations on finishing this endeavour that was both difficult and rewarding. Congratulations for not giving up and always keeping things in perspective. But especially, congratulations for an amazing piece of work that transcends what you were yesterday and hints at what you can become tomorrow…

Um grande abraço

Rui Padinha


Woooooow… this is just wonderful andreasrocha!
A great masterpiece, you have my vote. :slight_smile: Good luck!


Andreas, congratulations on your final piece and i just want to tell you that i voted for it.


I was somehow afraid that u’ll completely forgot about tha bacground and there will be details just in first plan and on those big ships in the sky. But u really surprice me and a very good way. The amount of details u used fits in the pic just perfect and this is sure one of the strongest pieces in this challenge. Lots of talent was shown here… good luck!


WOW!!! what can I say more… Your art is amasing :thumbsup: I wish you best of luck


hey man…
Congratulations anyway!:thumbsup:

See you in the next challenge.

**Eu realmente achei que você ia ganhar algum prêmio…:sad:


hmm… I really thought you would make it into honorable mention.

Giocele is right - anyway you´ve created an awesome image.

I´m looking forward to meet you in the next challenge

best regards


Same from me… congrats anyway.:thumbsup:




Andreas - Yeah, it is a really great image and for me, one of the most fun ones to watch progressing through so many stages to get tot the final, finished picture. Sorry you’re not in the final mentions, but I hope you’ll be joining us all again for the next challenge.



Hi Andreas

I´m shocked this didn´t get an hornorable mention…really don´t understand it. This was, as already said, my favorite in the 2D section. Well, the main reason I´m back, is to ask you, if I can use your image. I´m in a danish drawingforum, in which there is a competition right now, where I can win a full membership of the forum. The rules(weird competition, but who cares…): upload your favorite drawing, but not one of your own…

This image was the only one I could think of, also because, I have just started in drawing with digitizer. May I upload it for the competition?
I will come back, telling you how it went. Then you would have won something afterall, at least the respect of a couple of thaussands danish drawers.

Hope you will let me.



Sorry, but I really don´t have the time to wait for an answer. I will use it, can´t imagine it would be a problem.



yes indeed …sounds really weird.:wise: :slight_smile: