Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Andreas Rocha


Detail of the city and priest…



I see you have come along way with your image…fantastic. Lots of experimentation and development…I like :thumbsup:

Done well my friend :slight_smile:


Coming along great. This is one of the few scenes that have a character in it that really grab me. I love it. GJ!


Hi Andreas,

I´m looking forward to watch your approach in detailing the buildings. I find it difficult to deal with this in my image. The height of your township fits very good into the environment now and the platform is a very good idea. Great picture.

Do you add light in some parts of the buildings?



Hi Andi!

Beware the inclination of the steps of the platform, they don’t appear to be horizontal, check the vanishing point!


Just some more detailing with some added highlights inspired after seeing some of Tommy Lee Edwards’ works.


Made a small environment fog test to make the figure stand out and give a bit more depth to the whole image. It still needs a lot of reworking but I would like to know what you think.



Hey, looking very dramatic. good! if it were me, I’d add a couple of transparent layers of bluey-white round the bottom tips of the ships, to emphasise their brightness


It’s looking wonderful, Andreas! Looks like you’re pretty much done. all I can come up with are small quibbles. I liked the more frenetic waves in post #268, but that’s just me. It feels to me like there hould be a hind more purple coming out of the left-most vent on the main ship, the one that’s almost hidden by the curve of the ship (i.e. not the 3 vents that you’re currently showing but the one to the left of that.) At the reisk of being redundant, a boat or two on the water for scale. (You had 'em in at some point!) But like i said, you’re so close, they’re all nothings. Great work! (and thanks for your notes on mine!)



Very nice. I like the fog.
it´s more mysterious.

always better! :thumbsup:

and… attention to the remaining time!..

good luck!


Hi Andreas,

no crits, mate. Enjoy finishing it. :slight_smile:



Detailed about everything and reworked some other things like the sea-vortex and the priest’s cape.

Hope you like it.

Thanks bolchover, walrus, giocele and Fahrija for your ongoing comments and support. Much appreciated.


Hi Andreas,

Now you´ve really found the right angle and position for the big spaceship. It perfectly fits into the scene. Ahhh…very nice! As from now I would recomend to make only detailing on the ships - nothing else. :slight_smile:

Township: no crits - beautiful topography > just furthermore detailing and some lights which are on would be very cool :slight_smile:



Hi, just got a mail from CGNetworks and there was your WIP right there! Congratulations!
My only suggestion right now is to raise the light level at the bottom of the ship to make it more spooky!
Cheers and good luck!


Almost done…corrected the priest’s hands, gave more definition to the clouds, detailed the spaceship, removed the mountains in the back and replaced them with more buildings. Last stage will be to correct minor details. I’ll probably upload the final image tomorrow evening.


great work, yet to reply but ive enjoyed your progress, the colour is very nicely restrained and the combination of fantasy and sci-fi is great and the main charcter is very dynamic. no crits unfortunately, thought id just compliment you and wish you luck


really really nice…
your latest updat is really cool

i have 1 crit…
i like the water on an earlier version better…

like the water on this one, the waves are really cool

combine that water with this image… and you have a winning piece…


No crits, just praise! :bowdown: Fantastic work! Nice mood and colors. Lighting is great too!


The Last Days That Will Never Be

"Not far from daily life in an immense place, millions of human beings live sheltered surrounded by an unconscious silence. From the sky dome above the restless urban life, hardly recognizable, emerges a familiar light that fertilizes the Earth.

However, there are other lights we ignore, perhaps evil, who knows. This is why there are dense clouds that shift according to winds and feelings of restlessness and doubt.

The human being lives side by side with a reality that transcends him. He is not conscious of many things that are beyond the futile concerns that take over his life.

But, man did not arrive yesterday to this world. He has been living in it for millions of years. Therefore, he has gathered precious wisdom. This inheritance of wisdom is like a venerable old man who helps facing the unknown, leading the way."

Finally finished. This challenge has been very special to me and I am really glad to have been part of it. So much great artwork produced simultaneously and watching the WIP was really inspiring. I’ve learned a lot these past few months…I can’t even count all the hours that went into this.

I would like to give a special thanks to my work colleagues Rui, Manoo and Agostinho for all the great criticism and suggestions they gave me. Also a special thanks to my good friend Carlos aka DrFX. Thanks to everybody who took their time to comment.

Dedicated to Elsa.


Congratulations on finishing your entry, your entry has a great sense of scale, nice colours and great visuals, Good luck! :slight_smile: