Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Andreas Rocha


actually i must say, i liked the green light more. made it feel more extraterrestrial


i love your skies !

your character is good too !
it will be good to give more volume to your pink’s UFO glasses !
without this great job !


french jedi !


Oi Andi! Encontrei a Elsa aqui na Expo ao almoço!
It’s looking pretty good, I think! I hope my suggestion have been useful so far. The only thing that’s bothering me a little is that the contour of the distant ship is too defined. I think the main ship’s contour is fabulous, and the other one diverts a little attention from it. Earlier pics showed the distant vessel more blended with the clouds and I think it looked better.
Congrats on the whirly water beneath the ship, it looks great! I also like this priest’s stance better! I agree with foane, though, mind the tall building on the left, it is too thin or too tall and cuts the picture abruptly.
Ok, I think it’s time to start adding insane detail to the foreground objects!
Best of luck!


Good work there!

Colors are pleasant and everything works fine :thumbsup:

Cant think of way to do it any better.
Only way would have been using different viewpoint from the beginning, but that would have been totally new picture.

cape translucensy
way the clouds interact with the alienship hull
tonal range is very good
These are your strong points. :slight_smile:

i’ll wait for the city detailing


Sorry this is very nitpicky comment. The group of buildings by his right hand I think look too eraser like on the tops. Sorry I don’t know if I can explain it well. All the other buildings look very clean on the tops except that grouping. It looks like you used only one size of eraser to clean it up. I think it looks excellent. I like the new changes that you have made. It also must be cool to see this site use your old version to promote this challenge.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


the water is much better now.
I think that all the changes that you made are welcome.
Your pic is always better and better.
I hope you finished in time.
good luck! :thumbsup:

** O vortex na água ficou fantástico. parabéns!**


Made some changes…I’m too tired to write anything, sorry. But I think the changes are self-explanatory, anyway.



I corrected a couple of mistakes I didn’t see when I posted my image last night.

Thanks for all the criticism. I need more, now that we are reaching the end…


No crits in a quick view

maybe I would give the citystructure more attention (lights and structure and so on)
Great work and constant development on high level.



I like your picture, the détail of the city is very good, and the atmosphere of the mothers ships is very great with the effect of energy’s spiral on the sea. I like too the lighting of your landscap, it’s really a very good picture, good work


It’s been a while since I posted. A lot of really good things have happened since then… awesome work!

I like the new charcater, his pose, his platform and stairs… all great. You’ve done some really nice work on the clouds and their transition to the bright sky and the wake from the Alien vortex on the ocean is really nice.

I’m hoping you put a bit more work into you MG cityscape as it looks unfinished. The majority of the city is in shadow… lights on the buildings would bring them to life and add that detail.

Good stuff!


Hmmmm that`s definitely fantastic my friend.:eek: You can really get that apocalyptic feel when the spaceship is entering the atmosphere.What is your background mate? Keep up the good work, i really feel that you have lots of chance for the final.Only thing is that may be you should add some more details to the city buildings. :thumbsup:


The new priest’s stance is really cool, it adds much more movement to the whole thing. That staff got me wondering, though… have you ever played Diablo? :slight_smile: It could have some supernatural sparks or something coming out of it, like Gandalf fighting off the Nazgul in LOTR!
The ship’s windows look great!


Looks great! I like the progress you completed through this entire challenge great work!


Great addition with the platform. Made the composition way more solid. Also the bright steady platform gives some stability to the pic.

Only thing that bugs me. Is that the caster was not human at all?
That hood is giving the impression he is a weasel? What gives :slight_smile: ?
That effect is now slightly removed from your newest update, but it still haunts me.

Reason is that pointy part can be regarded as a face. Please explain it a bit. Im lost here :shrug:
He was alien caster all along? That explains it.


Made an overall contrast adjustment.Also filled the left part of the sky with a couple of clouds. The priest’s cloak also got some reworking to make the wind’s direction more consistent. I started to detail the cityscape, and removed the domeshaped buildings to the right. I introduced more buildings to make the city denser.

Thanks for all the comments and support, as always. These last days of the competition are going to be great, seeing all the wonderful artwork that is being produced simultaneously. It’s great to see what others are doing. It’s inspiring.


The new priest is great. It doesn’t have that extra cloth over his head which wasn’t working before, and his posture is clear and firm. It’s also the right size. Good job!


Hi Andreas, it’s been a while since I posted. Your pic’s developing nicely, and I’m keen to see you detail out the city and buildings. The foreground’s working very well, I quite liked the domed buildings but maybe it’s balanced better without them. One thing, the waves generated by the spiralling energy seem to be luminous rather than subtly revealing themselves with reflected light and a subtle difference in value to the flat sea. Overall great though, keep it up!


Great work on the water, it looks more realistic now. The rest looks great too, cant wait to see more.
Try decrasing the opacity of the light beam below the ship. Not sure how it’d look, or if its what you’re going for though.


Thanks for some of the suggestions about the glows. They helped a lot. I started detailing the city for real now. I hope I am not detailing it too much, but I can tone down the detail at the end.