Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Andreas Rocha


thanks for taking my advice Andreas, it looks a lot better now (at least the right half of the painting). there’s a lot of perspective and distance so that’s nice, your sky is superb…I hope you can make the buildings and priest as good as the rest…
if I may give another advice: like drFX said, you have two focal points and that will work against you…what I would try is making the priests back “very” dark and you spaceship somewhat lighter so you get some sort of cinematic effect of foreplane and background, your eye will then be sucked to the spaceship…


Hi Andi!

Whooa! Now what’s that guy flashing at the big menacing spaceship? Something big and menacing as well? Mmm… quite suspicious, I’d say… :eek:

No. seriously, great work! I realy love the way you portrayed the priest figure… it doesn’t reveal too much about it’s nature and keeps a shroud of mistery and fascination about it…

Good job on the drapery and the cloth translucency as well :thumbsup:

I do agree with DrFX about bipolarizing the image too much, you should avoid this at all costs! On the other hand the transition between the cloud cover abd the spaceship is brulliantlu executed… Bravo!

The buildings are fading much better into the distance now, but I think you should apply a thin layer of environment fog to the ones closer to the camera to convey the sense of scale. A ground fog in the city areas would also be quite nice…

Only crits right now concern the ship itself… I liked the green tinted lights better, and I think you have yet to find the “perfect compromise” between volumetric shape and detail… but I just know you’ll do it!

Good luck and take care!

Ah, e já agora, Bom Ano Novo! Entra com os dois pés, que isto de entrar só com um não deve ter graça nenhuma…

Um grande abraço e até ver!


Hi Andreas, Your work looks great, maybe I prefer the past character you draw (final coloring 12) but the green lights in the spaceships are better. I like the details in clouds, sea and city.
Very cool image :thumbsup:

Grand Space Opera - Leo Calv


Closeup of the priest.


I really like the translucency if this red cloth.You can feel the light passing throuh it. The red color scheme is great. :slight_smile:


I detailed the background a bit more, working mainly on the clouds and the mountains in the back, giving the whole picture more depth. I also cleaned up the city a bit to start its detailing.

The priest also got some detailing on his robe and I give him some hands to make his pose more expressive.

The spaceship got some detailing, however I am not quite happy with it.

There are only 18 days to go, but I think I will have time enough for what is missing. I went back and forth so many times, that I really don’t know if I have a “healthy” working methodology. But, I must confess, that I learned a great deal working all these hours on my GSO entry. My future works will definitely be influenced by what I learned here.

A special thanks to Rui Padinha and DrFX for their insightful comments.


I can see that you had the same problems that I did. Went through many stages, and when I was too tired of my picture, I changed it radically. I’m still not satisfied with the result, but it’ll do, it must do 'cause there’s so little time left.
Anyways… It’s looking very good, though I must say that I liked the dock you started this with, but it’s too late to say things like that.
good luck.


Hi Andreas,

you went back to the purple/blue lightning. For a while it seem you were fixed on the green color > it was a good decision to go back cause the actual color fits much better. I very much like how you´ve developed the clouds at the edge of the spaceship. That looks convincing. And also the rest of the sky.

The arrangement of the buildings looks a bit strange to me. One of those three buildings I would give another direction/height/position because they alltogether have the same thickness although they are located in different places on the grid. The buildings have nearly the same gab between each other. That maybe is also a reason why it looks strange.
The foreground with the priest is your best version to me but how the hell did he get up there? :slight_smile:



that… looks cool :thumbsup:


oh my god dude. you must win. clouds look perfect


Turned the priest a bit to the right so he was facing the spaceship. I made the spaceship bigger and enveloped it in more clouds, making the whole thing more dramatic. I transformed the “light-cylinder” coming out of the bottom of the spaceship into a sort of twister which adds more dynamism. I am satisfied with this spaceship design I won’t change it anymore. It will still get more detail, though.

Thanks for all the comments, as always.


great !

really good sketches and illustrations.
Your picture have a deep coloring dimension and atmosphere !
i love the tones.
your sky is really awsome !
how about your ending details for your scene?
still need a lot of details to finish?


french jedi


You’ve changed your painting alot but the final peace is going to be nice it seems. Nice colors and mood. Keep it up.


Hey Andi!

Great job with the priest! It definetely looks like he’s facing the incoming menace of the war armada…

My crits at this point is precisely the war vessel… I like your latest design in almost everything, except for the huuuuuge windows! Imho they don’t quite fit into the underlying structure and have an exxagerated scale. I feel likr they are hovering in front of the ship instead of being a part of it. The other aspect is color scheme… I think the spaceship colors are too similar to the ones you used for the city itself, which gives a sense of “familiarity” instead of a strong antagonistic feel.

Other than that, I really think your work has matured a lot in these past few months, and your GSO entry is just a confirmation of that fact :thumbsup:

Um grande abraço!


Yo, Andi! Feliz Ano Novo!

I like this spaceship design better than the previous one, because the protruding bottom of the ship looks more menacing! I think the windows look mysterious, and it’s good that you increased their brightness. I do agree with Rui, in that the colours of the spaceship are too similar with the background. I think the whole picture is quite reddish now, making the vessel blend in too much with the environment. I would add a touch of blue to the distant cityscape behind the ship, maybe, to add depth.

I think also more detail to the priest would be nice: the cape seems to blend with the gloves, and we can’t yet figure out the body too clearly, maybe some joints should stick out/bend cloth. I would also spread his legs a bit! :slight_smile: That guy must be pretty crazy to stand fully upright on such a tall building with no hand rails! Seriously, though, if the stance is a little off-balance, it could add to the dynamics of the pic!
Keep up the good work!


Changed a couple of things…some of them were in answer to some of your suggestions. The sky’s colors, the priest’s stance, the sea vortex and a couple of other things. I also started detailing the city. I hope I didn’t go back with this one.

Thanks for the great comments you have given! They really help!


Andreas - It’s looking good! I like a lot of the new changes to the buildings and the water. I kind of liked the earlier stance better: It fit with the idea of the mysterious shrouded figure whose form wasn’t totally evident. Now most of his form is clear. One of the things I liked from post #246 was that the windows on the bottom of the ship were totally crisp and defined, because fog from them was drifitng out and obscuring the perfect outline. It was more moody and anchored those windows in the ship and now they’re floating above it more, feeling a bit like they’re not totally incorporated in. I hope you’ll at least consider adding some of that fog back in. Good luck!



well, it’s getting pretty sweet isn’t it!

in contrary to Walrus, I like the new stance more…no more comment on that
the water certainly has improved as well as the draft coming out of the ship.
I’m not sure if I like the tall building on the left cutting the frame like that…
certainly redo the priests hands please, they look rather “simple”. just use a photograph of your own hands for reference and you’ll immediatly see why I’m whining about that.

I’m just nagging on the tiny bits because your entry looks already quite stunning, I hope you get a good ranking on the overall score!
best of luck, Francis


hey…what a great finish man…that little man or something is awesome done…good point with that…realy brings some fantasy arround…great job


SWEET! this turned out great. It looks nearly finished… I can’t delay mine any longer, I’ll be finishing tomorrow. Things are starting to pile up (and I have 4 more paintings due this month!). I just wanted to let you know your colors are really inspiring and the depth is…really depthy :wink:

Awaiting the final touches in anticipation!