Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Andreas Rocha


Your sense of scale and lighting are magnificent.


I made this after getting a suggestion from one my work-colleagues, in an attempt to give the spaceship a more dynamic entrance. It’s all on a separate layer so I can easily go back to what the image was on the step before.

I would like to know if you think that I took a step back with this one…


Andreas -

I like the figure’s pose in this more than in many of the otehrs (though i like the coloring and hilighting from the last post.) The figure seems the mose real and natural to me. But as for the spaceship, the odd angle doesn’t feel like it’s quite working, it feels at odds with the rest of the perspective to me. And as for the tidal wave… too neat, too clean, and it makes the threat to the city more from water damage than from meeting an alien race… keep the aliens the main threat! :slight_smile:
anyhow, just - as always - my own subjective viewpoint, hope any of this helps in any way! I am, as always, admiring your painting and your perseverence!



I must agree with walrus. Figure pose is much more realistic but that strange angle looks a bit like a perspective mistake. For the wave i woluld sugest something in between of those two alternatives.



according to me, the sea was better before. And u’ve got a strange perspective on the foreground spaceship.
be back to see the evolution.


Although a nice idea, I prefer earlier designs. The way the tidal wave is so perfect doesntfit in with ‘how’ the spaceship has come. its hard to describe what I mean, but unless the ship was moving really fast, the tidal wave would be further away from the ship.
Still comositionally its so pleasing to look at, this is one of my favorite entries so far!

keep it up bud :thumbsup:


Well, I had to go back to my previous spaceship solution. Don’t know what went through my head! Everything looks bad now that I look at my previous entry. Thanks for making me see it.

Worked quite a bit on the priest figure and I think that I finally came to a pleasing solution. Also detailed the city and the spaceship a bit more. The biggest difference and the fastest to execute was after using Photoshop’s “Auto Levels” command on each individual layer. Now that I look back at the previous entries they all look too orange, and the “automatic” introduction of violet on the horizon works, in my opinion, although perhaps I will have to reduce it’s effect on the overall image. But I think that the introduction of these other colors livens everything up, although the image has a different feeling. Don’t know if that’s good or not. I will have to digest it a bit more.


Really nice Andreas. I like this version and where it’s going and the color you added in the background. It could be my screen, but I don’t see any of that nice green color from the ship lights reflecting in the water. Adding some might punch up that area also. Great work!!!


Much better!!! I really like this version. The man is great like this, however, his right hand is a bit strange.
A nice evolution.


I definitely agree, the added addition of contrast the violet brought in really makes the picture bounce for me.



I dont know why but the guy in the foreground on his knees really seems out of place.

  1. What is he on ? looks obscure to me.
  2. Reason/purpose to be there? If there was aliens invading why would you be on some kind of roof ?

I liked the apartment version better ( just in that aspect though) it seemed more realistic to me then some random guy on a circular platform.

Other than that it looks really awesome i love the new alien ship design and the swirl coming out of it into the water!!!


oooo…I really like this version too. The auto levels was a good move. I can understand the guy on the roof. like in “Independence Day” when all the people gather on the roof having a party…


he’s mankind’s last hope :d praying for help. preist or smth. it has been discussed here before…i guess


For me he fits in perfectly with the concept. If you look around it’s pretty unique. most other entries have people scrambling or fighting, so I personaly find Andreas approach quite refreshing.

One thing I just notice Andreas is that the very bottom reflection, upon the structure on which the priest is kneeling, if that is sunlight/natural light, then I feel that the bottom shine of the structure is much too strong compared to the above part of the structure. I realize that this is because it’s spherical and therefor there is more surface area angled towards the sky, but the edge of the structure doesn’t even seem to be hit by the light. Here, let me illustrate what I mean. Try adding some light in those areas lacking or reducing some light from the highlight(I’d add, so that it remains the point of interest) and see what happens.



nice work Andreas… I like the colors in your painting but I think you should go for a more subtle lighting scheme. now it kinda looks like you composited seperated pieces together, maybe a good overlay would help?
anyway, nice job and good luck


nice work at the end mate…lovely colors and composition…everything fits whell…congrats for the nice pic…cheers


I like your entry very much. it’s definetly something to put in your living room, if you have some of the colors in your room. Would match perfectly with ours:)

regarding the greenish lights not reflecting: i think they wouldn’t reflect, the reflections would lie before the image pane.
the wave looks great. something to surf on :wink:
Wish you the best.


Filled the void behind the man with some tall buildings to give him some kind of enclosure, so the viewer’s eyes don’t wander off. I also changed the “altar”, because I wasn’t too happy with the other one. It was also an attempt to correct some of its flaws both physically and functionally, that you pointed out. The man also got a more defined back-muscle structure.

Sideache - I will still introduce a subtle green reflection. Thanks for pointing it out.

pr73 - I corrected some of his anatomical features. Thanks!

Rasdasa - Thanks a lot! I also hope to have corrected the “altar” issues with this new one.

foane - I think I will keep the lighting like this. But your are right…some of the elements seem disconnected, but I hope to have corrected this with the addition of the buildings in the background and some other corrections. I want to keep the color scheme divided to bring out the conflict between these two realities. Thanks for the suggestion.

Techart - thanks…trying to keep up with the other great works…like yours.

Onethread - Thanks for the compliment. I think I will introduce some kind of green reflection on the sea…just a subtle one.

Thanks everyone!


I followed Foane’s advice (at least that’s what I think you meant, Foane) and made the colors a bit more coherent. I also changed the spaceship’s glowing lights back to purple. I increased the overall contrast of the image, specially darkening the right half.

The priest also got a different look, more misterious. Now we can barely make out his figure through the robes. I think the translucency makes him stand out in front of the urban background.

I also did some overall refining of the city, clouds and sea.

Comments welcome, as always.


Yo Andi! Espero que tenhas passado um feliz Natal e que tenhas um óptimo Ano Novo!

I think the new colour scheme, although coherent is also somewhat drab. Please note that you have two main focus opints, the priest and the big ship. The focus is conveyed by the position (both are placed at the diagonal of the pic, in symmetry, each centered at its own half), size (priest and “altar” at the foreground, ship is huge) and, You’ve guessed it: lighting and colour. The priest is bathed in natural sunlight, which holds a symbolism of Nature and “endemic goodness”. The colours are warm and conforting, the light shadow contrast is not harsh. The spaceship, on the other hand is a symbol of aggression, and this is where I think your 12-26 post is better than the last one. I absolutely love the gradient change of the landscape into darker violet, the eerie, unnatural glow of the ship’s port and windows and the menacing clouds! One suggestion is to correct the water reflection, you should pu a little more green around the yellow glow because of the windows.
You should not bipolarize the image too much, I think it should be a smooth transition, but clearly there are two opposing halves, visually and conceptually, if you make them too “harmonious”, it will look like a plain, peaceful sunset.
Hope that helps, you’ve achieved an enormous quantity and quality of work and I wish you good luck for the contest and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!