Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Andreas Rocha


Oh boy…today was Intensive GSO Working Day. What I like most, is that I can go on for hours with this…it’s such an enjoyment!

I made a few perspective adjustments, and made a major update to the human element of the image. I changed the previous structure with the top a of a dome, to mimic arabic, religious architecture. I also didn’t like the way the top of the previous structure conflicted with the city skyline.

The figure is supposed to be some kind of priest, praying in despair/amazement, I don’t know. What would you do if there was a gigantic spaceship entering your atmosphere? This man could be living in a poorer district of the city, devoid of hi-tech architecture, giving us the idea of a grand metropole where various cultures coexist. (brainstorming)

Comments welcome…


I really like the FG figure change…

I loved this image when I first saw it, when you had the Alien craft smoke-ily emerging from the clouds (like the one in the BG). It had this wonderful sense of wonder / trepidation and foreboding… really pulled the viewer in.

I think the detail you’ve added to the ship is giving to much away… you’re letting us figure it out instead of letting our imaginations run with the concept. It’s like the 1st Alien movie (Sigourney Weaver), you barely saw the Alien but were freaked out.

I think the piece worked more, on that level, when I was trying to figure out what would come out of the clouds.

I do like the disturbance on the water though and overall the image works really well.

Great work regardless!


The image that you’ve done that I think really captures that foreboding mood is in post #171 in this thread.

You’ve done a tonne of work on this and it’s really showing, so many iterations… great stamina!


Well, that’s an interesting change, Andreas! Glad you had more time to work on it!
I see the mysterious dots have rematerialized int eh sky again, and i admit to never having quite figured out what they are. I like the concept fo the guy up on the roof, it does open up the picture a lot more and at the same tiem make it more personal. But I’m not sure it’s totally working for me yet. Here are some thoughts on him:

  • How did he get up there? There is no visible ladder or portal or trap door or anything. (sorry, nitpicky point! :-))
  • I love the sweep of his cape and hair, but the rest of the body - torso and arms, more specifically - do not have as much life as they could. Maybe the pose could be exaggerated more? Maybe he has to struggle to lean into the wind caused by the ship? Maybe he’s in a mid wave?
  • I feel like his colors fight against the rest of the colors in the shot. Everything else is very warm, even the greens you use on the ships are a yellow green… so his bluer-green cape feels mismatched a bit. (Come to think of it, some of the hilights on the buildings seem to be closer to the color of his cape than the color of the ship.) Also, he’s lit from the left, but it might be nice to give him some light from the ship to the right too.
    -I love the dome he’s on, it might be nice to see mane more of them in the city, not just a few.
  • Lastly, have you considerred putting some ships out on the water to help indicate just how huge the waves and vortex and ships are?

Hope you don’t mind all of the notes, feel free to ignore and take just what you need. Hope you get some more quality time with your piece this weekend! :slight_smile:



Hi, it is a good idea to have added the character, that gives an
extremely pleasant note of colors, good.


Nice developement with the water and the guy on the rooftop…looking very Grand to me :thumbsup:


Used the burn and dodge tools to create some more contrast. Also followed some of your advice. Thanks! Reduced some of the details and colors of the city, and created some more foreground elements. I also added a couple of ships, but they have to reworked.

Thanks for the suggestions…


I do think the purple worked better, but on the other hand, the green tone sets it apart from a lot of other contest works, so its fine. The details are coming out nicely, and I particularly cant wait to see the finished cityscape.
The man’s colors need to be worked on a bit though, I think. The colors seem to clash against the background.


Hi Andreas,

very beautiful image. I very much like how the water develops >looks great. The different foreground elements also fits much better. It seems you struggling a bit with the shapes of the spaceship elements… Integrating the green color is more difficult than the purple/blue you had before but it just a matter of fine tuning. great image.



hell dude, this is surely one of the best!!!
i really like this wave-thingy on the water and the burning sky near the edge of the spaceship. this is IT man.
really good


Your work is really improving well ! I definitely prefer your last ship design : the green “eyes” remind me the Nautilus of Cpt Nemo, quite a nice ref !
The idea of a character praying is also good.
I would only have two crits : About the flying saucer’s edge,though it is well rendered, I think we see it too much : maybe it would give the impression of a bigger scale if we just see the center of the saucer emerging from the clouds, with no visible edges.
About the praying character, maybe the impression of distress would get stronger if there were several persons, because it’s a big city with a lot of inhabitants… It would strengthen the “grand” aspect of the scene.
Anyway good job ! :thumbsup:
Cheers :beer:


Great sense of ambiance. The character in the foreground sets the tone as having an almost mystical shamen-like overture as he overlooks the invasion coming from the stars. Keep up the great work!


I have to say that i am really impressed about you.You are really deticated in your work and that is what i want to do the time is left.I think you should stop overwork with it soon so you don’t lose the great potential of what you show now.Good luck man.:thumbsup:


Also my entry, in case you can make a good critique for my work, i am really interested in it.


Don’t know if I went too far with this one…I hope not! Some areas are still quite blurry, but I have to get some rest. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to sleep at night to stand upright the next day.

Thanks to everybody for all the comments and a special thank-you to my friends at work for their ongoing constructive criticism. It has helped me a lot to see what I didn’t see before.


wow man is nice to see all your porogres. that image seems beter everyday:scream:


When I first saw the work I thought it might be a 3d entry and I was wondering how you got the atmosphereic effects that you have. But then I realised it was a 2d submisson. The composition and coloring are marvelous.

The removal of the canopy over the “Preist” definitly improved on the whole image.


Wow! Impressive work! The ship, the water, the city… looks amazing! I’m looking forward to see the final pic!
By now, it’s only the man in the foreground, who is a bit to blurry for my taste… But I think you will not have problems to get the right solution with that!




Hi there! These last iterations of your work are really impressive! i especially like what you’ve done to the bottom of the ship and the fiery vortex coming out of the ship!
I think the figure in the foreground makes much more sense now, but it is still a bit tiny. Perhaps a cape flying with wind would add drama and balance to it. The back looks a little too arched, maybe he shouldn´t be sitting down, I would try something like the “Platoon” stance (Willem Dafoe crying to the heavens). I’m also glad you reduced the green smoke trails from the BG ships, they were too long.
Maybe it’s optical illusion, but I don’t think the centers of the fire and the water vortex are aligned, so may need fixing. The next steps would be to add more detail to the character and the building he’s sitting on, and also the buildings in the city, especially the tall ones, which are also asking for a bit of “shine”!
Best of luck for the contest, but do try to get some sleep a few hours a day! :slight_smile:


I must agree with others , your progression so far is great.

I especially like the vortex at the bottom of the ship and the sky.

Anyway I guess I prefer with the balcony on the right , not sure.

May I ask you which brushes did you use for the overall?

Thanks and , I’m sure you’ll be on the top 5 :wink: