Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Andreas Rocha


DrFX! Maaan. Tás fixe? Há quanto tempo! Obrigadão pelo post. Long live Nimbus!

Well, Dr. FX. I already considered some of the possibilities you suggested and some I will have to see if I can still implement them. I think that perhaps the searchlight ideas could work. About making changes to the spaceships, it’s a bit more complicated…but I still have to see what I can do.

You’re right about the figure. But I still haven’t gotten to it. The idea is that it is worshipping it in despair or something like it. But it has to be a static action, or one with very little movement involved, to give him a more symbolic stance.

I’ll correct the turrets…they are completely out of scale. Or perhaps I’ll remove them. Don’t know…

Thanks man…CYA


Even if i dont comment ur work, im constantly following it with pleasure and must say that u r doing a great job here! Keep posting, im most happy with every new submission from u :slight_smile:


Hi Andreas,

Very beautiful image. The color at the space ships fits very well and looks much more integrated into the whole image regarding color range and saturation.

Maybe you think you work slow because you concentrate working the whole time at only one image. The picture develops great - I wouldn´t worry about that. I agree about the demanded size. Pretty heavy to integrate details constantly all over the image.

Maybe it could be interesting to revise the roof of the foreground building. It could be a balcony with a retreated top. This could reduce the very dominant shape a little and would give the possibility to establish another character watching straight up into the sky.

Of course the image works fine like it is. Just some notes.



awsome work dude.

The atmosphere looks better now that the greens were dulled down a bit. But i think mabie the closest ship could be just a Little bit brighter.

i also was very sad to see the purple lightning you made in an earlyer post go away, i realy liked it but it would probably be too much in this pic now.

amazing work! your very inspiring! :thumbsup:


Félicitation pour ton image final. :thumbsup:


Worked some more on the sky and the spaceship. I think a more organic look works better, and those huge Verne-like eyes work well, I think. But there is still a lot to go.

Thanks for all the comments as always. Much appreciated!


Yep. that looks better. I really love your composition. You really give a great sense of atmosphere and perspective. keep it up…I’m wathing this one =) so many talented people here…


Closeup of the most detailed part of the image at this moment. The spaceship is turning out quite organic (similar to those brown creatures from Attack of the Clones). Hope it works…


Hi there Andi!

Wooow… great work on those ships mate! Congratulations :thumbsup:

E já agora, boas férias! Um abraço…


hi, overall image is looking really good. the ships have a very nice atmosphere about them! I wonder whetehr the second spoke from teh top is a bit out of kilter - needs to be longer r deeper (more shadow?). looks slightly wrong. But anyway, very interesting image!


Didn’t update for a while because of vacations. Back to work.

I did some overall refining of the clouds, spaceship and sea. I also added a kind of sea-vortex to give the spaceship a more dramatic entrance and also to create a more physical/visible interaction between invaders and invaded. Though, I don’t know if it really works…

I created some new brushes to make the sea and cloud textures and I think they worked out, specially when you zoom in. But I am not entirely happy with the clouds. They are still too soft.

Anyway, as always comments are welcome…but first I will have give some comments to earn some.


Great, i like the colors, end the definition of the waves of the sea, it’s very nice

My 2d challenge page


the ‘sea-vortex’ is very very cool!
keep going!:thumbsup:


Great work on the composition. The bottom left and top right balance eachother very well.
There is almost an arachnid like feeling in the spaceship, because of the multiple saucer lights… excellent mood.



Looking good, Andreas! I have to confess, I miss some of the other big ships in the sky, as with post #171. But overall, I like what You’ve done with the sky and the ships thus far!



Started to add more detail to the city below. This is a closeup of what I have done so far. I am trying to bring out the city’s textural quality without losing its believabilty. I think that that is one of the advantages of portraying cities from above: since you cannot really see and understand the street network below you don’t need to be very careful about placing the buildings. And by introducing all those small lights the human scale really becomes tiny and on the other hand the city and spaceships become huge. I hope I am being successful with the scale relationships.


I hope your vacation was great! I agree the color scheme, layout and now the vortex are all looking great! I think if you could detail out the leftside of the buildings and forground elements it would help you know what to do next. I would love to see the architectural lines cleaned-up and some slight color changes between each of the buildings in the forground. Good luck and I cannot wait to see what you do next.



Added some darker tones. The image was looking a bit pale and I think it still is. I also think the colorscheme was looking a bit monotonous, so I added some colors to the city, to try to liven things up a bit.


Walrus…Thanks! I think I forgot about the other ships. Probably I will introduce them again…don’t know, yet.

twhiteart Thanks man…Yep, vacation was great. The buildings are missing a lot of detail…you’re right. My last post is almost a coincidental answer to your comments. Perhaps I will vary the building colors a bit more, even.

Rasdasa Great thing that you associated the spaceship with an arachnid…I also felt it looked like this, but I have to confess, it wasn’t intentional. It just happened. I’m also glad that the whole scene doesn’t look so Independence-Day-like anymore. (but there is still a strong relation to it)

Thanks giocele and MDN67 for your positive comments!


Hello andreasrocha! What a fantastic work you have here!
I find it some how similar to my work! :slight_smile: Keep it up.