Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Andreas Rocha


Andreas Rocha has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: “The Last Days That Will Never Be”

"The Last Days That Will Never Be

Not far from daily life in an immense place, millions of human beings live sheltered surrounded by an unconscious silence. From the sky dome above the restless urban life, hardly recognizable, emerges a familiar light that fertilizes the Earth.

However, there are other lights we ignore, perhaps evil, who knows. This is why there are dense clouds that shift according to winds and feelings of restlessness and doubt.

The human being lives side by side with a reality that transcends him. He is not conscious of many things that are beyond the futile concerns that take over his life.

But, man did not arrive yesterday to this world. He has been living in it for millions of years. Therefore, he has gathered precious wisdom. This inheritance of wisdom is like a venerable old man who helps facing the unknown, leading the way."

Finally finished. This challenge has been very special to me and I am really glad to have been part of it. So much great artwork produced simultaneously and watching the WIP was really inspiring. I’ve learned a lot these past few months…I can’t even count all the hours that went into this.

I would like to give a special thanks to my work colleagues Rui, Manoo and Agostinho for all the great criticism and suggestions they gave me. Also a special thanks to my good friend Carlos aka DrFX. Thanks to everybody who took their time to comment.

Dedicated to Elsa.


Initial sketches…I usually don’t do this…but I think it is working out better than I thought.


Just testing what’s out there…


He! Nice sketches!!!:thumbsup: As I can see its like a city and some spaceships… Keep it up and good luck! :smiley:


I like sketch A, but I think it needs more happening in the foreground to give it more depth… and I like the “vertical” nature of sketch B, but there’s not much going on in the background… what if you combined them somehow? I think you’ve got a lot of talent.


nice start, I know what you’re talking about with not doing initial sketching, but I guess it’s useful if you have time to do them (like here).

About your sketches, sketch E is best by far, it’s interesting enough and I trust it will best even after coloring :thumbsup: so stick with it if you don’t bother sketching anymore, but sketch more if you can, you’ll get tons of new ideas and solutions to problems you can use later.


Your scetches have a nice depth.
Scetch A is nice because it looks very monumental because of the vertikal arrangement.

have fun


Hi Andreas, you’ve got some great sketches here. My favourite is sketch E followed by sketch C - both of these with their repeated structures will allow you to create a sense of vastness to the image. There’s just something about E’s composition that I really like and that mysterious structure in the upper right intrigues me. Great start! :thumbsup:


Cool comps! I think I’m a little partial to D. It seems the repeating shapes there seem to give the most depth to me. That would be cool with a 2-point perspective. Good start so far!


I think I’ll pick about three of the initial concepts and try to refine them some more…to see if something can be made out of them. The first one is Sketch E…
Do you think the image it too cliché? Some friends told me it looked like Bespin/Cloud City…which I didn’t want it to look like…Suggestions to spice this one up are more than welcome.


Andreas. it doesn’t strike me as a bespin city clone, not at all. If there were only one of the structures, and it was set among peach / orange clouds then maybe! My immediate thought would be to bring that foreground one quite a bit closer so you can render out lots of detail on it, showing how involved and huge it is, and the others in the background could perhaps extend up and meet the object overhead which I’m hoping is another, even bigger structure. The organic tranquility of a beach would work very nicely to balance the scene. Just a thought, it’s looking v. promising.


it’s just getting better. Though it maybe would be wise to add a spaceship making it’s way to closest of stations or leavin from closest of stations - focus to the ship or not, it would still bring some action to the image and would still leave it tranquile. Just my thoughts, if you have free time, maybe try sketching some of those?

EDIT: and now that I remember to say this, I wasn’t thinking of bespin at all.


You have a good idea so far, and the sketch works, however, I think it would be a good idea to incorporate characters into the scene–since space operas aren’t operas without characters.


I’m trying to be quite open-minded in the beginning so I won’t get stuck with one idea. Therefore this is a completely different approach than the previous sketch his is a refinement of sketch C. One thing I like in this one is the entrance of light and the crisp cast shadows inside a cluttered, dark and almost oppressing hangar.
Composition is not good and the image is a bit confusing, but as I said, this is more something to keep my ideas fresh.


when I saw concept E, i didnt really see a floating station. actually it looked like something jottin’ out of water. very still water with a nice reflection which i thought was really cool. but it works as a floating station as well. i like that concept a lot.


Sketch B n D looks promising! It is creative, i’d like to see it being developed further, keep it up! :slight_smile:


I like the refinements of the last two. One thing I think might help, is to think about some sort of story, to show something happening in the image.


I really like the refinement you have on sketch c. You have an excellent composition with good contrast, dynamic diagonals that lead your eye around the image, and a soft place for your eyes to rest on after taking it in. I imagine that whatever you end with will be great, but I look forward to seeing that one develop.


Sketch C by far takes the cake for me. It reminds me alot of Space Harrier, one of my favorite games of all time… I really love the perspective you’ve chosen.


Great job man!!! I’m looking forward to seeing some more of your work here :slight_smile: