Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Ales Horak


Ales Horak has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.


So boys and girls, there is great example of amateur sketching and poor coloring :wink:
But, it is only for polishing of the basic idea about the second genesis of human race in my mind. Simply - concept sketch.


considering your last work i’ve seen in cgtalk gallery, this sketch should be the first step of an amazing final :slight_smile: I’ll wait for the development! Good luck Artie


Any new developments concept developments?


Not yet. I am refining the main idea - adding some conflict to the picture, which won’t be looking so pathetic :wink:


I really like the way you have the foreground and background setup. It should look great once finely detailed.


heh, dont worry about the quality of your sketch. Heck I barely put any effort into mine, always save my energy for the real canvas.
Concept layout is great though, should be a great piece :slight_smile:


Well, here is second sketch. It’s a war, ladies. Shoot or be shot! :wink:


Nice update. I would resize the format a bit… so it would be not so usual A4-like. I think it will give a whole new feeling to the pic, make it less ordinary.
Of course i dont doubt about an exelent final result, seeing ur previously made pictures :slight_smile:


I agree, format is not very artistic, but practical. Hmm… i will see :slight_smile:
Thanks for confidence :wink:


nice…it has a life in it


I am not entirely sure about soldiers - what a weapon I should to give them? Decent semi-real weapons or really BIG guns? What do you think, boys? :slight_smile:


This is a great concept with a gritty color palette that I like, but

I am disturbed by the woman holding her hand up in pep-rally-style victory while her brother-in-arms struggles with his mortality on his hands and knees. To me, it looks unnatural. There is too much of a schism between the two subjects that it almost looks like they aren’t in the same place. If there was more of a connection between the two it would blend the composition together. For example, maybe she could be kneeling beside him with her arm on his back, either looking at him or looking at the battle. Or put one of his arms on the flag and have him half-kneeling as if he’d just been shot—although that would assume that the spiders are using guns. I don’t know. I just don’t feel right about grouping them together in complete opposite reactions. Keep going, it’s great so far. Oh, and I’m with the “smaller guns” crowd. Yeah, there are about three of us.


Nice start, I like it, JTD does have a poitn, but you may have your own explanation. Nonetheless keep up the good work!


You can NEVER go wrong with BFG’s.

On a more serious note this is a refreashingly striking image. I think it very well fullfils the concepts of a epic dramatic sci-fi illustration. I can tell that you have a good vocabulary of sci-fi; I can see bits of STARSHIP TROOPERS, SOLIDER, TERMINATOR 2, RED STAR, BATTLEFIELD EARTH, DOOM and UNREAL.

Colorwise I think that you have choosen a perfect range of gamma to protary human warfare.

On the topic of the composition, I would say that some work should be done. Principly I would say that the main femal firgure is not imposing engouh, she seems tucked away of in some corner and it makes her stand lose some of its power. Also there appears to be a disharmony between the top and bottom of your image,… the comp. lines just dont flow freely between the two. Also, try and define a more preceptable “line of action”. All the elements in the comp. seem like sepearte entities, and the line of action just simply do not flow from one theme into the next.

Overall this is a great epic work, and has alot of potencial.

Buena suerte amigo.


nice work Horak! The scene is well laid out, as far as the guns go, nothin wrong with a good old 12 gauge slug to put a hole in…well pretty much anything, i’d have to choose D for my weapon of choice.


newcenturydsn: If do you want to use my first name, use correct one please. But thanks… :wink:
jtd, ibox, wazar: I wanted make the hero like demi-god, unrelated with soldiers and their “problems”. But you’re right, looks too static and it is hard to seize - I repaint some parts.
Thanks for the suggestions, there is still too many things what I must to learn :slight_smile:


From what have u shown, i suggest a C weapon. But i think u can do better thatn this. I think it will be a nice touch putting something familliar to Aliens (Alien2 - the one with marines) weapons. Not the same but somethink looking alike.


Ofcourse, this is fast concept sketch only. Thanks for opinion :slight_smile:


nice so far,…but why are they naked…what is the story?..cheers