Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Alberto Lozano Galiano


Alberto Lozano Galiano has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Ambush

My Final image!!!

Good luck to all the participants


Well, done the sketch and line art for my 2d entry :smiley:


now i will give shadows and color. This will take more time than doing this fast image.


Looking nice so far. But Im a bit confused about that guys hand. Nevermind that
hes not wearing a helmet... or is he behind someone other whos head im missing? Maybe itll clear up when you add some color. Good luck


I have retouched some parts i didn’t like very much and i started to paint. This is my progress so far. Too much work to finish.


thanks Ganthu, i have tweaked the hand :D, I didn’t like it also.

I think in two days or one more i will finish :D. I’m also participating in the 3d challenge LOL and i must finish one model to complete my 3d work.



heh looks like you had alot of fun with the aliens! :smiley: dont forget about the rest of the image… sometimes a picture can be stronger if you keep moving around while you work and not get stuck into refining one spot too early on… but i’m sure you know what youre doing. the values are lloking ok so far but i’m not sold on the colors yet… maybe try a few tests and see if there are any stronger combinations (i’m not much for the ochrey yellow with the pink and periwinkle, maybe you’ll get that figured out as you go. Great work so far!


A fast coloring wip :D. This is only a test of one of the possible endings i have in mind. I have to make too many things yet to finish :smiley:



Blaizer - It’s looking nice so far, you’ve certainly gotten a lot done in a short amount of time. Don’t be too rushed, though! You still have a few weeks, and your piece might benefit from a little less haste. While I agree that Ganthu has a point about one unhelmeted guy looking out of place, I feel that that one sketch - the one with the human’s actual face - carried much more emotional impact than where the piece is right now. Faceless soldiers don’t carry the weight of seeing someone’s expression and see ing that they’re petrified, fiercely determined, laughing at the danger, or whatever other expression you choose to convey.

Also, the faces of the aliens seem all different lengths and not consistent with each-other. It could be the perspective, but every head feels like it’s reading as an almost perfect side-view so they feel comparable.

anyhow, good luck with it!



Working hard all the day :smiley: and we are in x’mas… It still needs more work, a lot of things to be done.

Not much to say :slight_smile:


Too many thanks for your comments walrus, i really apreciate them. I have saw your entrie, man you have a strong one :smiley: good luck!

I finally opted for all the humans with helmet, due that i thought that in a planet like in the pic, to be without it makes a bit of confusion and it’s not very real. A face gives expression to the image, yes but realism is more important here IMO.

I wonder at what resolution is people working, mine is more than 12000 pixels weight and done all the work in Painter. The file is around 320 MB, uff really a heavy one. It would be nice to know how people work.

Also i have removed some elements i had in mind to make a better image composition. I think my work here is a bit “overcharged” with elements (i dunno the correct expression). Now i will refine the work i have and i will go to final image :D, i have the 3d challenge to be completed also.

Best Regards


350MB ! Thats obscenely big. Are you with NASA or something :] My personal record was about 110mb but you just blew my three wigs off (yes i wear three wigs on hollidays my shiny cranium scares people) Anyway its coming along nicely - how about a ship or something hovering above
those guys - rescue etc…


Wow, yeah, I agree with Ed, that’s really large to be working at!
I can only speak for myslef, but my files too hover around 100mb. The current one for the Space Opera is smaller than usual, about 3250x2000, but my last painting was 6000x4000. 12000 just seems like it would be paintful to work at! :slight_smile:



well, i’ve decided to cut the image for a better image composition and to reduce the exagerated image size… now my file is around 250mb :D.

Some refinements here and there and i finish my entry at time :D. I’m also working hard in my 3d entry.


More progress on my image :D, i’m almost finishing with this.


wow i like your tyle…very clean painting…bravo:scream:


My Final image!!!

Good luck to all the participants


Congratulations on finishing your piece. Love the colour palette, and visuals. GOod luck!


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