Grafik #DrawCember #Wacom sketchbook thread


Great composition. Great lighting. Great subject.
I’d hang it at home. I like everything. Very good!:slight_smile:


Very nice picture, exciting composition!


Hahaha, I would need 50 hours to do something like that.
You’re amazing, dude :eek:


Great composition and lighting in the last one!


If lammakian needs 50hrs… I need months!! Beautiful. I would love to see your process to learn… Do you have any video with you doing any piece? :slight_smile:


Great air perspective, composition, and mood! Bravo!


Love the lights in the last one!


Thank you, POSEIdOON, STFVIT Beatrix, Doomov, JC3D and LadyMedusa
Lammakian thanks man! I also would take 50 hours to do what you do.
gfigueroa, thanks man! I don’t, I’m hardly being able to make the pieces
I never done videos before also, but I have done tutorials, here’s one if you like, it’s a bit old, but the digital it’s one of the easiest processes to learn. let me know if you try it.
OLD TUTORIAL!AorP1rZgykbvlB32rbK_yA1eZQvu


truly awesome :slight_smile: the atmosphere seems calm and cold. reminds me of Rise of TR a lot :slight_smile: great job!


Nice tutorial, thanks, Grafik!


So Tiago, this latest design when it arrives?
I’m curious.:slight_smile:


Title: The Hunt
Day 22 of Drawcember/ CGSociety/Wacom
Final piece!
Man I’m tired, but it was well worth the experience,got influenced and motivated by so many people works.
MerryChristamas to all!
#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom#wacom #cgsociety #intuos4
#christmas #hollidays
#season #Winter#blizzard #snow #warrior #hunter


22 days of work!


A final piece that kicks some serious ass ! What more do you need ? :thumbsup:
Your work is amazing and I’m happy I was there to see it in real time (so to speak). Happy Holidays, Tiago !


Very nice. And looks like Selena Gomez.

The collection of all 22 is impressive.

Congrats! You did a lot.


Great idea to post your collection. I think I might do the same - it’s a good moral booster for yourself and shows what to be proud of.

But that last image holy smokes. That’s sticking in my head for a loooong time. Beautiful!


sweeettttttt amazing work few favorites but great overalll


Damn! Alot of great work and i loved the last one :smiley: You ended it with a bang! In this case a hunt :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the support and inspiration my friend and see you around in 2018!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


Waoh… stellar series of amazing high detailed illustration here~… Especially Day 14 The departure & the Train truthfully captured the soul of a winter so perfectly.
Cool to see you compiled every pieces together!

Thanks for sharing your artworks & knowledges in creating these works.
It’s quite crazy the final piece you had done will actually require more than a day for my current skills.
You did it so well with a professional goal.

Apologizes if i didn’t visited your thread as often cause i was rushed out my daily art and straight headed to my cozy bed.
Thank again & MERRRRRRY CHRISTMAS~ and a GREAT NEW YEAR ahead of you too.


Wow amazing, and putting all together was a great idea Grafik! :slight_smile: Great job!