Graduating Reel (Butcher it, please)


Hey CGTalk members,

I graduated last month and BAM! Out came a demo reel! You can view it here: (streaming)

or (recommended you view this one, needs Quicktime)

Some 3D and 2D in here. Like the tread says: please butcher it. Be as honest and cold-blooded as you can get. I’m counting on you! Thanks in advance, guys and gals.


Hey man,

Some real nice stuff going on in there. Nice animation but since you’re asking for the butchering :twisted: here goes,

i like the animation and there’s some good business going on but it seems to be hurt a lot from the staging.
Some of the camera angles seem to take away from what’s happening to the characters.

  • perhaps experimenting with the camera angles a little
  • cutting to brief close-ups of the character might help.

I was only thinking that for the initial few clips- for ex. when the pencil hits the character in the head and when the little guy is struggling under the heavy weight. Again this might be because I saw the lo_reel and most of the shots are extreme long shots so it’s hard to make out the personality of the character (like the Long Shot of the walk cycle)
I liked the camera work on the anime style bit - helped really show the specifics of each character.
Well, that’s what I could think of off the top of my head. Will post more if you’re interested. Good stuff -keep it up. hope to see more from you.



At first I thought you went to AAU in Sf cause of similar models and rigs. It’s good over all. I would take out the figure drawing and the one after with the guy. The rest is good. For the blue suit seq. in the begining it look like the body is sliding maybe show more weight even though the walk is off camera.

For the Tons, when he fall down is off on how a person would fall. Maybe it’s just me. I Might want to check references.

I like the 2d fighting seq…cool!

The rest is good to go. Nice painting too.

You can also butcher my stuff. It’s the post over your under something with "3d morphing and rigging).



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