gradient invert


I want to create two alpha masks that are completely inverted.
so i create a gradient from white to black, then duplicate it and invert it.

and then when i lay these two layers with multiply on top of each other the image should be black and when i set it to screen the image should be white.
at least that was what i was thinking.
but it isnt. there is always a gap inbetween!!!

any help?


Multiply is not going to work for the gray area in the middle. Think about it, .5 x .5 = .25, if you eyedropper the middle area it’s going to be 64/255 (essentially .25).
If you want to check for perfect inversion, put the original gradient to Normal 100%, then copy it to a new Layer above, and set to Normal 50%. The result should be 50% gray, or pretty close to that. This is a good way to see what’s different between two images BTW.

But it’s not going to be dead accurate even when inverting the same image, not sure exactly why, could be 24bit color innacuracies, or innacurate Invert code.


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