hi everyone, i am new to this site and i just wanted to show everyone my first showreel which is a culmination of the three years i have just finished at Portsmouth University, Uk. Any Opinions would be more than welcome. Thanks



This is really nice actually. I was going to criticize on the shortness of the reel, but it was actually nice to see a reel that wasn’t a gasillion years long. Good animation too, I think.


I agree ^ the shortness kept it nice and simple. I loved the animation in every shot with the 2 characters (little red guy stompin around)… but the others need some work. The robber running should be faster and more skiddish. He should be freakin out and thinking more about getting away than what his feet are doing, so you can be creative with tripping, stumbling, dodging things, etc etc to get that more interesting. Excellent first reel, though :smiley: well done! Keep it up!


yeah that is pretty awesome for a first showreel. im sure with more experience you will get better with animation.


thanks for the comments. I have now re-edited the showreel changing a feww of the shots and also extending it because although i really liked the fact it was short before i also felt it didnt show much animation, which in the end is the most important thing.

I am planning on sending this out to some animation companies this week so any feedback before i do would be ace. im unsure about some of the shots, but i wont say which to see if anyone picks up upon them and see if i need to change them.

Thanks again.


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