Grace of the snow, Soa Lee (3D)


Title: Grace of the snow
Name: Soa Lee
Country: Korea (South)
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s

On end of the winter, Grace-Queen of snowdrop tries to sow gold color seeds.
Leave its to spring goddess inspires life to these seeds and creates new sprouts and
she will fall in deep sleep until the winter comes again.

The Grace have several meanings likes graceful, elegant, nobility, and graceful.
Since early times I’d like to make image that have feelings of faerie and gorgeous like the ad of Christian Dior, right now it calm down than an original plan. The Face get inspiration from Milla Jovovich.


very well done iam actually fallen in love man.


great work… i like her hands…


Woderful work! I really like the overall feeling that this work has :thumbsup:
Front page stuff!


just beautiful! wonderful mood and awesome technique!


Nothing to say except wow, I´ve seen many of your renders and I think this is one of your best works… Very impresive, congratulations…

Five stars

Iggy Pop
Dwarf before the battle


waaaaaaaaaaaaaaw 10 stars from me for her fingers

quaite great u are the best man

PS:cheak your pm please



wow~great work!
5 stars!


*look at the HANDS:eek:…and the FACE…its AMAZING!!:bounce:


Unbelievably!!! I like it very much. I’ll say more - I like her as a woman :thumbsup: Very beautiful and sexy girl. 5* from me. What about her hands - they are like a foto :slight_smile:


Absolute brilliant!!! an unbelievable and breath taking image. Everything is crafted so detailed, the focus between face and hands so well balanced. No more words…sit back and enjoy. I am waiting to see it on the cover of the next Ballistic book.

Thanks for sharing with us.

joerg :slight_smile:


Once again you did an amazing job :applause: she reminds me Liv Tyler alot.


Outstanding… This is a breathtaking image.


simply fantastic. The level of detail is enormous. Great work, 5 stars


it’s amazing…i like her hands
great job


Captivating and inspirational. =)

Are the finger nails separate objects?


Amazing , wonderfull, love all the details. no more words , just 5 stars =)


Top quality. For me bottom lips have a strange deformation because of the bump map. Congrats.


She’s beautiful! Excellent work :love:


Awesome! Really great. And I definately join to those who thinks that the hands are nothing more than real.