GPU prices...Yikes!


I bought two 1080TI last month, paying around $780 per unit. Then this week I heard GPU prices are going crazy (due to crypto-currencies). Mere 1070 units are running $900. What the hell?


Yep. Bitcoin / ethereum / ad nauseum miners…

…they have totally trashed the stability of the GPU market / prices. Sad because the thing they’re doing is a total racket. Either you got in 5+ years ago and already sold most of it prior to the recent bubble deflation (about to burst), or you missed the boat. But the media buzz and everything else in recent months has caused a surge of interest in those who didn’t know what it was before now. They’re all going to get taken to the cleaners. Serves 'em right for messing with our GPU availability. ; )


Crap. Well that sure does suck.


Yeah, it blows. No redshift, octane or even ProRender for me for the next couple of months at least…

My GTX 680 doesn’t really cut it, and there’s no way I’m spending that amount of money for a new video card. It’s insane.

Let’s hope prices will return to normal soonish…

This whole blockchain craze, while interesting on paper, really bugs me. Now it’s not only being used for crypto currencies, but also rendering (Token), photography protection etc… (Kodak). So it’s certainly here to stay. But the sheer amount of energy and hardware it requires to just “work” is also really worrying for the environment.


A classic example of why this industry feels like the wild west - one day you could find a vein of gold, then next you could die of cholera. Everything changes on a dime, and there’s little to regulatory force to keep it all in check.


Ask Nvidia and AMD why they increased the price. In general, all Nvidia GPU is getting outdated and 1080 been around for 2 years already, it’s expensive and not that fast anymore compare to new Titan V.


But there could be good news out of this. What happens when all these people that have four or more cards realize they don’t need them anymore? eBay will be flooded with them and supply and demand will drop those prices. That would be the time to purchase a few used ones for pennies on the dollar. Their greed may be our gain.



Err, maybe. But it may not be for a while and by the time you buy whatever they’re offering, it will likely be well outdated. These guys aren’t using Titan cards or even 1080 cards generally, or Vega 56 / — cards that will do a better job of standing the test of time and so will remain relevant to 3D work environments in a year or two. My understanding is the mid-range “prosumer” type cards are the ones with the best bang-for-buck in crypto-land, then they just buy them all up and drive up costs.


Blockchain will go down as one of the most environmentally unfriendly computing technologies ever made.


Simple supply and demand… the backbone of all economics


You bring up a good point. I saw the 1080ti cards going up as well, but that could be NVidia. After all, if the lower-end cards are going up in price, why would NVidia sell a 1080ti for less? But I still wouldn’t mind buying a few extra cards, if the price is VERY reasonable!



AMD and Nvidia did not raise the price on their cards. The distributors (Amazon, New Egg etc) are adding to the price because of the demand. That’s what I’ve heard. The manufacturer recommended price is about the same.

I’m thinking of trying to do some Etherium mining when I’m not doing 3d. From others I’ve heard I’m estimating I would net $15-$20 per day. I need to to at least explore it.

Various regions have different electricity prices. In Arizona I pay almost twice what someone in Wyoming or Washington state would pay. May–or may not–make sense.


FYI article


Excellent news, this will drive GPU performance and many more investors in GPU techniques.


I’m not sure the tech players and investors needed the extra push. And in either case that’s small consolation if you need to buy a GPU.


This happened because current GPUs are general purpose devices, not specialized processors.

You could create a GPU that only does GPGPU compute, for coin mining and so forth, without a lot of the realtime 3D hardware stuff that’s also in a GPU.

In this case, bitcoin miners would buy the specialized GPGPU cards, not the all-purpose 3D cards. The price of the 3D cards would stay more or less the same.

Of couse Nvidia and AMD have a financial interest in selling the more expensive all-purpose 3D capable GPUs, so this likely won’t happen.

In any case, cryptocurrencies can come crashing down at any time. And GPU prices will likely come crashing down with that, too.


Well they haven’t. Re-sellers are increasing prices not manufacturers. The MSRP hasn’t changed.
This whole situation results of the lack of AMD cards witch are preferred for mining << BUT >> AMD can’t afford to flood the market with cards, in case of a downturn in mining they’d rot in warehouses unsold. Nvidia profits greatly from the situation, miners unable to find AMD cards buy all that Nvidia can produce, while not 1rst choice, Nvidia cards are still profitable, << BUT >>in case of a downturn the starved Gaming market will soak up Nvidia over production and shun AMD’s.


Regarding the topic of this thread, miners buying all the graphics cards, is a popular myth.

have a look here… at what equipment is best for each currency. As you can quickly see, it makes little sense at all ,to use a GPu, to mine crypto.
I don’t think crypto mining is the reason for shortages. Its simply NV not ramping up, to supply demand. If they can keep supply shorter than demand, it’s is the perfect scenario for NV to increase it’s margins.



I’m not a miner but that website might be outdated. According to various sources (Guru3d, Techspot, I think Arstechnica too…) the shortages are mostly linked to miners gobbling up all the cards.

Ethereum is one of the most popular currencies to mine with a GPU and its value alone went from like ~400$ to ~1000$ in the last month.

I’m personally convinced its mostly miners, some of it is also probably the “DDR” market which is super pricey as well and obviously we’ve got gamers buying these too :stuck_out_tongue:


You can scroll to this chart

I have no idea how accurate the chart or article is however.