GPT on winxp32


Hi, have a 4TB Seagate backup+ USB3 drive, and tried connecting it to a laptop I use for some tasks. Disk manager can see it but not windows.
Apparently winxp32 cannot read HDD over 2TB formated as GPT. There are some commercial utilities (Paragon GTP loader) but I was wondering if anyone knows a free method to get this working under Xp32.


You could always try 2x 2tb partitions


The drive already has 4 partitions with lots of data onthem :slight_smile: as I got it to backup another 2TB esata. All partitions are under 2TB, the biggest being about 1.5TB.
The problem apparently is that XP32 cannot read GTP formatting, which the disk has, as I created them in win7x64, and that winxp32 disk manager sees it as one big disk of 3.7TB.


Doesn’t matter how many partitions you have because that’s not the issue. I recall some drive manufacturers supplying software with their drives to allow this to work in Windows XP. Maybe check the CD that came with the drive.


Also, stop using Windows XP. It’s more than a decade old and extended support ended several years ago. That’s like that guy everybody knew who still used Windows 95 back in 2005. Don’t be that guy. :slight_smile:




GPT is only (or should i say was) supported on 64bit XP.


I know, but re-installing OS on said notebook is not an option for the time being…
It does its job just fine for now.
Perhaps sometime when things are slow and could configure a reduced RAM footprint win7 setup. Apparently Seagate has a Diskwizard software that is supposed to add this functionality but all documentation talks about formatting a large HDD in Xp, which I do not want, I only need it to read.


The short answer is: xp32 isn’t able to deal with GPT, and even softwares bridging that gap (GPTMounter etc.) say they have no way to deal with it if the partitions are larger than 2TB, and very strongly recommend avoiding even smaller ones amounting to 2TB or more on a single larger than 2TB drive.

The longer and maybe not as dire sounding answer:

There ARE some hardware wrapping utilities addressing it, Gigabyte is known for the best out there for their mobos:
But you are on a laptop, so chances are slim to none you will find an equivalent.
Those virtualize to smaller, win32 friendly drives, so they are relatively risk free.

Paragon makes THE only software I’ve seen rated something decent (on the few and rare reliable IT sites) for GPT unlocking in XP:

Never used it though, but you can give it a shot, 20 bucks isn’t exactly a fortune and it might dig you out of the ditch.


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