GoZ -> Maya


when I’m going from ZBrush to Maya and I want to save all the things ZBrush sends to Maya, how can I save all the stuff into a project?

ZBrush -> GoZ -> Maya -> New Project -> Save

This will only save the scene, but not the baked textures itself, which comes from ZBrush. Is there a fast way to save all the stuff into a single project?


No one here, who uses ZBrush and Maya with GoZ??


It all saves at Users/Pixologic/GoZ_Projects/Default
if you are on a mac. There you can find your displacement
and normalmaps and all other relevant files!



Sure I know, but how can I save it into a new project directly from Maya? Is there no option in Maya to say ‘save all the project-stuff to…’ and Maya saves all things incl. maps into a new project-hierarchy?


You can’t change the GoZ directory or use the project directory. I use this to transfer the files into my project directory after:



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