Gotta give Redshift it's props


Finishing a client animation and you gotta give it to Redshift and it’s render quality. The image with the glove is a photo and the other with the bottle and syringe upright is Redshift. I mean, cmon. That is phenomenal. Good on ya Maxon and Redshift.



Nice but would be even more realistic if the liquid mesh in the syringe intersected with the syringe mesh :wink:


That causes nasty artefacts, so no :). Although I think the black plunger in that spot is intersecting with the body. Need to fix that. And quiet you! ;).

Super tight deadline on this, I had a few hours to light and texture the whole thing. There’s bound to be some details to fix. It’s 5 am, going to bed :slight_smile:


Ha ha I’ll try to stay quiet, I know how irritating it is when someone points out a flaw just when you think you’ve wrapped!

Why does intersecting the liquid cause artefacts? Shouldn’t do if your normals are facing the right way.


No problem, under some nasty deadlines. Lack of sleep and all.

Once I’m not under a bunch of deadlines I’ll see if I can put together a shot showing it, but intersecting meshes with transparency cause funky artefacting.

More soon


I got to agree with mitchino,
RedShift is extremely sensitive to normal direction, so by flipping them on the liquid mesh you should get rid of strange results.


Still in deadline territory, I promise I’ll circle back to this.