Gothic city


A sunrise of the gothic city.
Painted in Photoshop.


looking good, i like it.


It’s so amazing!!
I love it !!!


If I could wistle over the internet I would!!


Avery beautifull pic, great work


Very nice job !!


now thats really good.


You’ve done a great job in creating a peice with great depth! I love it! Well done.


For me your pic is the best, keep it up.


I really like this. Great composition, colors an perspective feel. There is something gotic about it…Maybe its an evil place. Very fine architectural forms.



GREAT STYLE!!! One of the best!!! Good luck!


I see u made a little Miracle here ha?

I am very curious about what you have to say about my last try for this competition.

Alien Architecture Normal.


Now that is a proper matte painting…yea tis a cut above most, beautiful ambience!.



Amazing. Great PS work. I love the designs. Super Good!



just superb

great great great

but you can make it better :
the first plan is so much richer than the background.
I think you could add details as in the first plan, but in the background.

And then you win.



Industrial gothic. Very moody. Nice atmosphere. G/L


Thanks all.:slight_smile:
It’s happy to see you guys like it.
As you know,this is a conceptart of mattepainting.I will improve it later.
C&C are very wellcome.:slight_smile:


Hey amuaying,I expect to see you mattepainting.:thumbsup:


If you don’t win something, this contests are f*** up!!!


Cmon !

u have to make just a little update to make it really incredible.