Gothic Cathedral


Hey guys,

   I've started working on a short story animation. It's centered around a cathedral, loosely in the Gothic style. I thought I'd start a WIP thread to keep me driven and see my progress and of course to hear any suggestions or criticisms you guys might have. 
 [i]I'm using 3ds max for modelling and vray for rendering.[/i]

Current Progress (Click for high-res):

[b]Chapter House[/b]






Original Post:

Here’s where it currently stands. I’ve modeled the base of the nave, crossing and transepts but they all need more detail added. My main inspirations come from british medieval gothis cathedrals, though I’ve copied other sources too.

  I've also still to work on the lighting, so forgive the basic renders!


well its a great start for sure I look forward to seeing more of this so please post up some more wips as you go along :slight_smile:


Changed the transept window to a Rose window.


Love the rose window any chance of a wire view?

P.s keep up the good work


Thanks for the comment! Here’s a couple of wire shots:


Very nice and detailed project, I like it!

Can`t wait to see it with textures :slight_smile:


Thanks for the wire shots i like how you have created that.


The inside lighting looks very nice :slight_smile: I particularly like the pooled shadows you have going on.

The outside lighting looks a little harsh though. Other than that, looking forward to seeing your progress! :slight_smile:


Thanks AlexCo, monkeyman905 and FoxHound1984. It’s a great encouragement to hear your feedback!

You’re right about the lighting, it’s just to illuminate the scene at the moment using a daylight system so it’s basic. It’ll be much improved for the finished piece.


Any way we could get a straight top down shot?

Looking awesome so far.


Anodai-Hope this is what you mean!

The transept will just be mirrored to the other side so it’s just the choir wing which is missing at the moment.


Yep, exactly. The transepts seem disproportionate compared to classical examples but that isn’t necessarily a problem.


That’s very true, but they need to be a bit larger for the purposes of our animation. Though I still might enlarge the nave to make it a bit more faithful to traditional form.


Struggling to find much time to work on this- full time job+two freelance jobs on the site leaves little time for this at the moment. Should get a lot more time in a week or so:shrug:

Just added some more details to the transept around the walls:


I don’t think you mentioned, what software are you using?


Hi Anodai, I’m using 3ds max for the modelling and will be using mental ray for rendering.


Here are some clearer renders showing the general progress, hopefully these should make it clearer where the model progress stands!





Looks awesome, much detail and damaged nerves :wink: . Just one thing, when I think about a gothic cathedral I expected to be more darker, maybe it`s just a trink from ao . I just wait to see it finished.


Yes, absolutely. The lighting is bright to show the details at the moment, but it will be a much darker and dustier atmosphere!


Haven’t had any time to work on this for the past couple of months!

Trying out different ways to do the floor. One way which seems to work quite well is using this Stone Placement Tools script:

Most of the details in the floor will be in the materials rather than the geometry i think…