~Gothic Apotheosis~


Hey guys. I want this project to revolve around gothic architechure, with a fantasy element added. The first renders are part of the town’s sanctuary. Hopefully I’ll be able to put out frequent updates, but it’t more difficult this time around, as some of the details I wish to achiove will be difficult. Alot of complex splines and some organic statues, etc. I’m not used to it heh.


ahhhh hey Ryoku,

i see you put all your talent and energy to the details in the architecture now! very nice ass usual, i like your hard surface modeling, very cool! :thumbsup:


Thanks taisir, always good to see a comment from you. =] Minor update, been busy.


Huh? I posted but the thread didn’t update lol. Well here’s the lionhead emblem [zbrushed slightly] that’s right above the arches. I did a quick base in max, and tweaked a few detail’s in zbrush, but I can’t export the normal or disp map. Does it even work in zb3?


I practiced with making some brick textures last night. This is only the diffuse map 1024^2 rendered. For some reason, the normal map looks strange from the front view, and I’ll have to fix that somehow. In the final render of this building, I want to have a darker, more renaissance-feeling tone to the bricks. C&C would be great as I have very little texturing experience. Cya soon.


Great job! congratulation…


Update. I can’t seem to get reflections working with FG. Can anybody give me some tips? Also need to work on some stone material/texture for the pillars, etc. Need to scale the tiling on a few parts.


Great work Ryoku I like the lighting and style. I also enjoy the tiny details. What kind of lights are you using? I think that might be why you’re not getting reflections. Also, and I know this is stupid but it happens to the best of us, make sure you’re at an angle where you can seen the reflections and make sure you have something to reflect. As for ZB3 and normal maps, I don’t think it works, you need to upgrade to 3.1, it has all the tools you need to normal map, displace, go crazy. Good luck, great stuff keep it up :slight_smile:


Hey thanks man! I’m using a IES sun and skylight. In the final render of this thing, it’s going to have 2 themes perhaps. One very dark and perhaps in tribute to The Cathedaral. I love the lighting and mood in that short film. The second, if I have one, will be something brighter, similar to Minis Tirith in the LOTR. As for reflections, could it be because I’m using a physical material as opposed to a shader? I thought fresnel reflections were what caused the angle you were lookign at to change reflections. I tested out multiple angles, and Arch&Design vs Architechural. I’m also gonna try out HDRI, and some other stuff to try and fix that. Apparently photometric lights are supposed to be better accustomed with Final Gather, so I don’t see why that’d cause a problem. Thanks for the ZB tip. =]


Sorry for the slow updates guys, just feeling a little lacking in the modeling&design area lately. =[


So, since you were doing so good on the Infinity forums… Are those bricks each modelled serperately? WIthout texture?


Hmmm… Just a big wow from me, I would like to know what Techniques you are useing to model this since I’m compeletely lost. But I can agree with Xtitian, you need to upgrade to zbrush3.1 for Zmapper and all the bumping joys, keep the updates coming!


Hey guys, I’m in Philly atm, and then I’m heading for NJ in a few days. I’ll be back to Maine by January 1 or 2 most likely. Then onto workin on my projects. =] Thx for the comment FeCorruption, the modeling was a bit difficult because I’'m not used to this kinda work. I used spline extrusion for the rose window design and some of the arches, and I basically separated the walls into separate planes so it’s easier to clean up after any booleans. I still want to attempt some different methods like curve approximation and NURBS. Anything specific you want me to explain in the details? And the bricks are just a tileable texture I threw together. Cya later.


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