Goth Girl (low Poly Model), Dom (3D)


3dsmax6, photoshop. 2592tris and 1 2048x2048 texture map. initially targeted at the unreal universe. All C&Cs welcomed.

hi-res images here:


Here are the profiles


Good low poly modeling.
Very good textures.
Perhaps - if you can - show us some animations


great texturing and the model looks very UT stylish :slight_smile:

would you post the texmap ?

would like to see it integrated in an ego shooter :smiley:


Great Game art. Simply incredible. Front Page material without a question. Textures are insane. Keep it up!


Frontpage for sure :slight_smile: Great job, wire?



Put down the lensflare man, it ruins the whole image! (Default lensflares are really cheap)
Otherwise great work, congrats!


Excelent work, fantastic design! but please, loose the lensflare :smiley:


looks great! reminds me of pink!


victor- dont really plan on doing animation as of now.

Psycho-will post tex map later. :wink:

atom up- tks m8.

Shakyai-wires will be up later. tks.

Xaint- LOL. ok ok i’ll remove the lensflare.:surprised

slime- tht makes 2.

sinister-really? lol. cant seem to see the resemblance though. :slight_smile:


looks cool man…i like the horns :).


Cool character, but I don’t know what game would ever put a 2048 map on a character heh. It would have been more impressive if it was a 1024 considering that you could have used 4 1024 maps instead of 1 2048 and it probably would have been even better. But cool nonetheless.


Good staff, the robot regarding the head to big. The rest is really good.


Dom, due all respect your work looks totally insane. I really love the textures over your character, its one of the first time i trully admire a low polymodel.


wow, great. especially the textures! :thumbsup:


I dont know why this aint plugged, this is frontpage material 115% forsure.


wow | FRONT PAGE :wip:
well dom its another great pic of art you have made :buttrock:
amazing texture work m8 :applause:
[BTW can ya plz post some pics of ur Cinematic Game Icons cuz most of the pics wont show :cry: ]


What cam i say more about this…it’s awesome.


I like the design of the armour, as non functional as it may be it still looks good:thumbsup:


It screamed front page, congratulations :slight_smile: