Gorilla vs Tiger, Damian Buzugbe (3D)


Title: Gorilla vs Tiger
Name: Damian Buzugbe
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Modo, Photoshop, ZBrush

A concept image for a game idea that never was. Fur and render from Modo 401, background and FX finished in Photoshop. The base tiger mesh was scuplted by the very talented Julia Friedl.


Great work dude! :bounce:
What you have used for hair & fur ?


Thank you very much. The hair and fur was generated with Modo 401 with quite a lot of love in Photoshop afterwards.


Fantastic work! Greatly done action shot - both of you very talented! A guy also on the gorilla almost a bit too much of human glory imo, but probably needed for the game.
Top work! :thumbsup:


Whoaaa great image…

So action like. Love the big gorilla :slight_smile:


Great job with that. Still that windy effect could have been reduced a bit, but nothing big. :slight_smile:


I remember seeing this one a long time ago.
The action shot is incredible.
Really great!


@ zokana: Thank you. Hehehe I know what you mean about the human rider. In my head he hits a branch a few seconds after this shot.

@ [b]romanovich[/b]: Thank you. I've hopefully attached a few more shots of the gorilla. From my original designs and some WIP shots of the zbrush sculpt and fur development.

@ Zeoyn: Thank you Jose. That means a lot I’m a big fan of your work.



There’s heaps of energy in this which is hard to do convincingly, so I give you two thumbs up for that!


this is of epic proportions !!!
great … nope … ,
Amazing work


@ Belendor: Cheers, you should have seen the full on anime streak lines I had for a while they were going so fast they could gone back to the future.

@ [b]benhartnett[/b]: Thank you Ben it took a while to nail too.

@ xtrm3d: Thank you Christophe for the comment and the awesomeness that is uncharted. I salute you.


very nice work :slight_smile:


WOW! great work! so many details… amazing!


wow that is a nice pice love it


This is definitely underrated. 5 stars from me! Great power !


:applause: Awesome I’ve been after one of these beauties for…well… forever. Thank you very much.

 I'm going to go all oscars on you now. I'm welling up. This image could not have been possible if it wasn't for the help of Steve Wilding with his great direction and technical support, he had answers to all of my foolish modo questions. James Ovnik and his monkey advice. Calum for just being you and last but no means least Julia Friedl who slaved away on the tiger mesh that inspired the image in the first place.

I’d also like to thank far, Brasil, obiwandk and THExDUKE for there kind comments.

Ok that’s enough Gweneth blubbing, thanks again.



wow man u rock this img is great real great reality great effect keep posting great stuff


No offense, but I am SOOOO glad I don’t live in that world!

Awesome job!


Congratulations on the award!
It is great to see that it got the attention it deserves :slight_smile:


WOW,Amazing!!!very nice!