Gorilla, Jacques Defontaine (3D)


Gorillas are so cool and that is too. So much detail, it looks real.


Wow! 5 out of 5! Amazing realism man!


A great opening for 2006! BRAVO!


yes please say saslite :slight_smile: heheheh
looks awesome!


Dude your Gorilla is very nice…but…but…i watch your Black Man in your website…and… :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:
can i touch him? is real?
Great skills and talent. Bravissimo!



Excellent work :applause:

Looks a liitle dark near the eyes area,maybe highlight needed there.Otherwise,it’s a great model and render :thumbsup: .

Want to see more of it,keep them coming.


excellent work, well done. :twisted:


Oh my, I am so crazy about your skill~!


Excellent work. Very nice. I love it. I read all the comments, and in my opinion he has a lot of facial expression and the dark moody eyes are a nice touch. I’ve watched the way the silverbacks sit and stare at the zoo, totally get the same vibe from this guy. And the fur, love the rim lighting on it. Sasquatch? Would love to see a tutorial on him - please.

peace out, and thanks for representing the Lightwavers in such a nice way!


very good work


Oh my gosh! This kong looks absolutely terrrific. Well done! Peter Jackson would have been really, really proud of you!:thumbsup:


awsome!!! :eek:


Holly Molly! i don’t know what you think guys…but 5 stars from me :slight_smile:

awesome job man !!!


very very cool! it’s an awsome model, nice composite too.
my grand parents are living in Soignies too :slight_smile:
regards from Liège


king kong!

really great work! :bounce:


awesome work Ripper! The skin shading is great but it can be a biot darker. The eyes need a bit more light to bring out the color.

keep up the cool work bro!


awesome, one of the best apes seen on this forum


wow 5* easy

Great work the lighting is awesome


Wow, that’s amazing :D. 5 stars from me.


Just perfect! 5 stars