Gorilla, Jacques Defontaine (3D)


Wow, amazing work! :slight_smile:

Looks like it just had a bath - all nice and clean :smiley:


You’ve done a real good job there man! :thumbsup:


Very impressive stuff, looks alive.
Great modeling , texturing and rendering skill you’ve got! :thumbsup:


Another Great Lightwaver!!!
Nice work,nice lighting.Did you use G2 for the skin?

Sam :smiley:


Absolutely jaw-dropping :o

I seriously can’t imagine that it’d be any better after any changes. It’s perfect.

How did you do the hair?


Nice work indeed! Would really like to see his body!
About the gray part, the color of skin and fur, doesn’t it depend on the individual? The classic leader is the large silver back…
Maybe that’s only the fur.
Great work ones again!


Wow, that rules big time :). I would love to see a facial animation with that.

My only crit would be that the ear is too perfect, they are ussually a bit more uneven and scrunched together.

  • Nice work!
  • The eyes look A little dark for my tastes and the ear seems to stick out a little too much.
  • Other than that, I really like it!


Damn awsome be VERY PROUD! It took a team of guys and lots of money to do this at Weta, and yours stands its ground very well! Congrats - love seeing work of this magnitude.

Makes me want to get back to some of my work…ahh time!


lovely render. i agree about the eye sockets being too dark, it is actually distracting.
every image you pull now and then reminds me you are my favorite artist for years now.


Cant see anything to crit… 5 stars man!!


Excelent, nice job:thumbsup:
the Fur was made as?


Yeah I’d also like to know what you used to create the hair. Please say saslite hehe


Now that’s ace! If you hadn’t provided the side bar, I’d be inclined to say that it was a photo.

Again, great model.


awesome work!! big congrats and 5 stars


amazing work :slight_smile:
five stars

btw can yuou post some wires .it would be good to see a couple fo viewport screenshots


It is so nice work.Is good receiving fresh stimulation.


It Cool!

very very reality!:thumbsup:


Ha…Ive just got back from watching king kong and what do I find…

Fantastic…love it


Impressive model, only crit would be to break up the color in the material a bit more. He seems a bit artificial.