Gorilla, Jacques Defontaine (3D)


Title: Gorilla
Name: Jacques Defontaine
Country: Belgium
Software: (Other), LightWave 3D, ZBrush

My first attempt at making a gorilla, there’s always room for improvments but I’ll keep it for my next attempt. C&C as always welcome!


beautiful. Bravo!


I really like this image. The models expression is superb. and the lighting really sets it off.


hey you really worked on that! it costs to give 4 stars:hmm:


The eyes are slightly to dark for my taste, but besides this it’s really great. Love it.


hmmmm, gorilla…

BUT: G_R_E_A_T :thumbsup: :applause:


Just pe r fe c t … :bounce:


Great model! I only wonder if his leatherly skin should be darker. To me, it looks too gray.
Still, it’s a beautiful piece of work. :thumbsup:


Modeling, Texturung, Lighting, Fur and Character I love it!:thumbsup:

Mabey texture a scar onto his face like a young kong?:bounce:


thats freaking awsome!!! wow


Five well deserved stars! Does it have a body? :wink:


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce:


looks very close to the Kong in the box office right now. :slight_smile:


Oh…my… This is truly amazing.


looks great ripper!
very nice expression


Thanks a lot everyone!

webhead: You know what, I think you’re right… the thing is, that kind of skin is rather not easy to do. It should probably be a bit darker as you mentioned but as at the same time you have to try to keep a bit of its reflection and translucency… and that’s the hard part… at least for me.

The ripper.


Yeah, I hear ya. Just a minor crit anyway, though I think it would add just that extra bit of realisim to an already great piece of work if you ever figure a way to do it. Keep up the good work, Ripper. :buttrock:

Edit- Oh, what did you use to do the fur -Sasquatch? It looks really good.


I Like it a lot!

Great job on the fur, or hair? whatever! Excellent model,
five stars from me. :thumbsup:


This pic is totally awesome. But somehow it bothers me that he got no facial expressions. Still its great work though, I just would like to see a lil bit more personality. (Sorry… I watched KingKong 3 times :scream:)
Keep it up :thumbsup:

Oh one thing… Im wondering how u made the fur. Is it somekind of lightwave plugin ??


Sometimes the voting here is really strange. No way this is 4 stars! I think it’s 5 all the way!

Great job!