Gord MacDonald Studies and Experimental Work


I am starting this thread, as a place to show my some of my cg and traditional studies, quickies and experiments. I am going to do my best to post only current works.



Some Most Recent

wip - an old pencil drawing I did, based on a muybridge sequence - I am going to modify it in PS:
The working copy is 7480px wide

larger: http://cg2020.com/2dWIP/Muybridge_DanceSeq/Muybride_larger.jpg



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dinodog_Jr - thank for dropping by! I haven’t posted yet, but will real soon.




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Interesting stuff! Hmm, have you ever considered trying to reproduce abstract pieces in 3D?




Yippee! a response!

Hi rebecca - yes, the critical issue is time sigh :banghead: . Just a secret between us (promise :stuck_out_tongue: ) - before I leave this life I really really want to make at least one interesting animated film! :bounce:
I live in Ottawa, Canada which hosts the Ottawa Animated Film Festival. I first attended this festival somewhere between 25-30 years ago. I was blown away by the originality and quality of the work (this was long before CG took off).

This “experimental” PS stuff, is an attempt to visualize interesting little (or big) worlds which may eventually form the basis for more complex and evolved people/places/things. Hopefully those people/places/things (whew) will exist in a virtual 3d time and place.



My avatar is a rendering of a 3d image - I use 3d tools to create alot of logos etc - they have incredible flexability.


I own a licence for a largely unsung piece of software called Animation Master www.hash.com. (Jeff Lew used it to create “Killer Bean 2”, and Victor Navone used it to create “Alien Song”). It is great for those without a lot of money ($299.00 US), and who do not require software which will fit into a pipeline.



Lol, happy to be a ‘response’! :scream: Hmmm…secret dream of being an animator? I think you’re on the wrong website! :scream:

Hope to see it one day soon. :slight_smile:

Cheers! :slight_smile:



I’m hoping to hit the next Ottawa Animation Festival. I mean, just when you think everything that CAN be done HAS been done… :stuck_out_tongue:


Rebbecca - lol: hey, your a ‘response’ with ‘clout’ :smiley:

Bobby - do you mean Ottawa Animated Festival - 2005 - like next week?
If so - and you have some ‘down time’, maybe we can get together and do some sketching.
Also, if you need accomodations, PM me - I might be able to help.



Mr. Gord i should call u in this way if u dun mind. This is the first time i see artwork from elder ppl at ur age… Wild guess.around 50 y o, rite? Dun bother me if u feel uneasy.

Frankly, I bet everyone into Art & design wish to haf their own type idealism film.

Too bad, time, energy, patience & lotsa life commitment haf draw away our dream.
I really wish u can make ur dream comes alive on the screen.

u got a wild imagination running der… abstract visual art… Hope i got some genre like urs!

Keep this thread alive & shows the youngsters to work hard like u, Mr. Gord!
(i feel the spirit within ur words…I would like to keep this spirit)


dinodog_jr : Thanks for the thoughts - yup I am 50 yrs young.
There is so much talent around this place - all young ‘whipper-snappers’ :smiley:

And hey dinodong_jr - you can just call me Gord (or Mr. Gord) :slight_smile:



A simple study of light ps 1hr



interesting experiments Gord!
Very interesting approach and concept for your animated short :thumbsup:.

Keep it up!


actually a variant on the image above - ps - 0.5hr



wave study ps 0.5hrs:



Thanks Marlon!

Hey rebecca - I thought my aspirations to make an animated short was our secret! You been spreading rumours girl?! :smiley:



Hey rebecca - I thought my aspirations to make an animated short was our secret! You been spreading rumours girl?! :smiley:

Wh~wha? Moi? Spread rumours…on the internet? :scream:

Hey, some really cool stuff…I like these even better! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Mr. Gord, the Green Light one is a good approach…Hee, feeels like some flowers grow under water under the soft moonlight.

it sent a calm emotion into my mind.

keep em coming!..

Do u make Video Experimental on em yet?.. these thing goin to looks great wif motion in my opinion…


sept 17 1 hr ps

“driud sacrifice”