Here is a Goomba I modelled from the Mario Bro’s games… Let me know what you think. Around 800 polys…

Starting to model a Koopa Troopa


Awsome man :slight_smile:

Make that ghost looking one too :smiley:

Also post up some wires, be nice to see these with that mario and luigi posted a while back :wink:


Yeah the ghost but do the bomb and the snake from Super Mario Bros. 2 and do Super Mario with the fox ears and tail or the the one where he turns into stone remember, I think that will turn out nice the way you rendering them


can we see wires?


Here is an update on some characters…

Any more requests?


todie the mushrool lad i think that was his name


wires please, because the look very basic


Do the Mario from Super Mario Bros.3 when he turns into a statue, I think that will be a hot comod for you, and if you wanted to win something send it to nintendo power as fan art, they may give you some Game Cube stuff, love the bomb, I realized a long time ago that Super Mario 64 was a great game along with Bond but definitely Mario 64 had alot of stuff in there that people kind of took for granted


Do the Super Mario Bros 3 character when he turns into a statue, texture it nice to make him look like stone, and you could sumit it as a graphic design piece in Japan


Real nice looking man, id like to see wires though.

Also, thats not the ghost i meant, but still one i forgot id like to see, i think what i meant was the ninja looking guy, with the hood or whatever.


Really nice!
Did you have any reference on your goomba? (spells?)

ps: sry for bag english


i like the idea, but the models seem too much smooth, and the texture is very basic, i also would like to see some wires :slight_smile:


like in mario games

models roxzs, i want to see wires

model that: bumerang thrower, and winged goomba


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