Google's new people search


Kinda creepy, if you ask me. You can punch in a random stranger’s name, and find out here they live, where they’ve lived for the last few years, what their phone numbers have been (this sometimes includes supposedly unlisted numbers), and they’re age, for crying out loud. If you don’t want the info so readily available, there’s a fax number you can send a notarized request to (click on the privacy policy button on the bottom of the page).

Note that this only applies to US residents.


You sure that’s legal?

Must be the patriot act in motion :smiley: sorry couldn’t resist


hi, that site has nothing to do with google.


It would be creepy if it actually turned up my info. All it does is list a bunch of old people.


They don’t have my new place in California, but they do have my name and address in Connecticut. However, they also state that I am 58 years old. Way off on that one.


HAHA! It couldn’t find me! I’m invisible


Not sure how accurate this is. Found my name, proper age, and former addresses but not one of the phone numbers listed is correct (or even close for that matter).


You’re right, that was me taking my friend’s info for granted. Anyways, I’ve looked up some friends’ names, and it’s been creepily accurate so far. :argh:


Wow…this is kinda creepy…

Seems it only gives results for those over 21, I’m 19 and it didn’t show up.


It told me “too many results” when I type my name in, I guess I’m not “unique” like my mom always said I am.

Also I have two words to form my first name. It doesn’t allow space in the first name. So either way I win.


way scary. i just found my last five address inclusing connecticut, florida, and colorado.

correct phone numbers and age as well… which is weird because i have only ever had one phone bill in my name.


Serious stalker material that webplace =_0


I don’t know it didn’t turn up any results for searchs on me and my friends.


Geez sometimes I can hardly believe how America-centric Americans can be, this can only work for less than 5% of all people, calling it ‘people-search’ is false advertising… :slight_smile:


Can we use it to track down Osama bin Laden?


it only works in the US…so yes, probably…thats how a PI found one of the guys on the top 10 fbi wanted list, just looked him up on the phone book.


Let me see if I get this straight: The FBI couldn’t find the guy, but he was listed in the phone book? Hmm…

ADDENDUM - Oh, btw, here in sweden we can easily access the home address, phone and cell number for just about anybody using the online phone directory. The only way to avoid it is to specifically ask not to be listed. So I’m not sure what’s so creepy about it o_O


yeh…basically…they had the guy on the top 10 or 100…had a big bounty, so a bounty hunter decided to track him down…it may have not been the phone book, but it was something daft like that or he found him living with his uncle or something. The short of it was it was piss easy to find him.

I’d look for a link to the story, but google is throwing up about a 1000 of find your fbi record or phone no. sites…:wink:


LOL! That’s hilarious - the combination of that comment alongside your avatar really made me laugh out loud :smiley:


One of the terrorists resonsible for 9/11 had been wanted by FBI but they couldnt find him, tho he was listed in the phonebook. Is it that you’re talking about?