Google's 3d character world!


Xevious> It’s a embedded facebook ap, check it out, I’m very please with how it turned out.

zukezuko> the simple answer is that this is a phase one beta, and that other platforms will be soon!

csven> Good questions that I don’t know the answer to. I imagine answers will be forthcoming.

bentllama> Sure was man, and now I crossed the finishline! Time for sleep!


So how about them Lively sex rooms? Word’s spreading fast.


So where’s the Lively CGTalk room :slight_smile:


tried it and its unbelievable slow, the sex rooms are all fake or link trough to pay sex sites.
will there be an export option in google’s sketch up to make content for lively? make the format as open as possible all digitalmedia is rippable and all the security added just slows down the use and development. Creators will be paid for making new things once released they surely will be copied. Just my 2 cnts.


So it is like my space meets 3D ?

can store buddy lists in your wireless device?.. ha !

this is good stuff

so , since it is a google project, will a person be geo-referenced?..



It’s inevitably gonna be compared to Second Life. I’ll go ahead and flame myself for not giving something a chance. But Second Life was probably the worst game/app I’ve tried in the past decade. And I don’t think I can pull myself to try something like it again. Despite it being produced by Google (my favorite company)


really a great project.

wish u and your team all the best.


I dunno, Im 50/50… if they follow in the footsteps of or appeal to the lowest common denominator or just throw mega google bucks at marketing , then yea, it will fizzle, but if they can incorp some real innovation and reason, I think this could be huge!!!


csven> you know there never really were any, there were many rooms being named sex rooms trying to redirect people to pay sites, but no real way to have adult content (other then chat) in Lively. I don’t think many people did thier homework before reporting it. Here’s where we are now.

myCGspace> If you’ll notice there has been 0 spent on marketing, the idea is to have a produc tthat works (this is just a beta) before any advertising is done to promote it.

Neil> it is, and it’s not the best comparison, it has more in common with Facebook or Myspace then 2nd life, so far I don’t think that mesege is getting across. This is something that lives in your social profile, like here in this forum for instance, and is not a persistant universe like 2nd life. Also our look is… well, not the look of 2nd life.

pgp_protector> Start one now my friend!


Wow, you are one busy guy, Kevin! Congrats on all the exciting news, between this and all the stuff with ‘Clockwork Girl’ lately too. :thumbsup: This is looking really nice: Great job on the art direction, especially with the characters.

I know you’ve got a while 'til you let other developers build characters and models and such for this, but in the meantime, I’m curious: what sort of tools are you all using for your stuff? SketchUp? Max? Maya? What kinds of file formats will people eventually need to save things in to have them work in Lively?

Cheers, and congrats again…


I have been showing this around to people to get a fix on it, prediction??? this is going to be HUGE!!!

Myspace killer?.. perhaps…

so, what are the options for us capitalists?.. can it be assumed that we can offer 3D services for those lacking in skills so they can build a better “world” ?,

commercially? I wonder if business will have a presence in this world, will 3rd party be able to build their online storefronts?



I’m part of the closed beta program for Lively.
I would like to see some awesome portfolio rooms from you guys.
If you’re interested in testing out the tools, you can sign up for the content developer beta program by sending an email to this address:
The ETA on releasing the tools is still unkown, but it doesn’t hurt to get your name on the list.


That’s awesome, thanks for the info!


Awesome , Thank You!


anything particular we should include in the email?


Just max or maya, and what kind of stuff you’re interested in making (textures, props, environments, avatars, animations, or sound).
It would also help me keep track if mentioned you came from CGtalk.


Well it’s dead now.


Damn, that sucks. I was in the beta program but have been too busy to do anything for it. Hopefully it wasn’t shut down because of lack of participation :confused:


Ah GOD! me too! Exactly! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well lemme put it this way, i doubt they would shut it down if it had millions of users. Google isn’t exactly strapped for cash.