Google's 3d character world!


Hey gang,

the project I have been working on with Google as a 3d Art Director just went live. We worked really hard on this project to do something new and different, and I’d love to hear what you think.

Presenting Google Lively:

Or here’s a youtube trailer here:


Looks cool man! So it’s like, Second Life but not ugly? Or like, Playstation Home but with a ship date? How are you/they handling user generated content, which I imagine is an art director’s worst nightmare?


Ha, the hard way.

Team of over 200 content people and a heavy emphasis on concept art


looks great. reminds me of a cross between Second life and IMVU. i like that you can move around the room. wish there was some info on how to make content or make my own room. still playing though.

I think its shaping up nice


BRILL IDEA!! i love it
BUT:is there a way to design your own characters?? or am i missing something,
and on a wishful note is there going to be interactive dynamics planned for the future??
so then i can throw stuff about and break it if i get mad :O)



wow this is incredible! i didnt even know this was in development! what a pleasant surprise and the art looks awesome.


Love to check it out, any plans for Mac support?


What a great experience. You even get to choose your own avatar! Wish I was 13 all over again.

Greg Smith


Interesting, I have been wondering how long until Google would start touch on this type of subject.


Doesn’t work with Firefox 3 >_<


looks nice similar to playstation home :slight_smile: that is so gona rockk!!:applause:


How can we build custom character and world for Lively? is there any tutorial, information ?


Too funny.


I heard that this works with Facebook. In what capacity I don’t know…I’m pretty new to this virtual stuff…


We are studying how to support user generated content. We would like to support two kinds of users: (1) artists and designers that are already competent with Max, Maya, SketchUp and other professional DCC tools and (2) average users who would like to model, paint and animate their own stuff. Its fairly short hop to #1 but there’s a lot policy work and polishing to make it ready for public consumption.

Mark Young
Google UX Design


congrats. so THAT was the Matsuda project you mentioned. cool stuff!


That is awesome, especially #1. So what is your plan of defense against monsters shaped like genitals and 70 foot tall furries? Forgive my crudeness but it’s a legitimate question :stuck_out_tongue:

And more seriously, are those type #1 users going to be able to sell their wares online to other users? Because that could be a big, big deal for this community.


Trying it out now.

Though there servers are getting hammered, any room with a few people in it lags real bad right now.


First things that come to my mind:

  • How will Google be handling IP issues?

  • Where’s the incentive for artists and designers to create high quality original content if it can be ripped from the application (and I’m assuming it will be) and used or sold elsewhere?

  • If this is an advertising vehicle (and most everyone I know working in the virtual world arena believes it is), how do content creators benefit?

  • Will there be date-stamping of the original models which are uploaded?

  • Will there be a permissions system for transferring models to other users (similar to Second Life)?

Would be great to hear some answers or see some additional, meaningful engagement with the 3D community on these issues. Appreciate your posting.


Requires Windows Vista/XP

google whats up?