good surface settings for milk using G2


does anyone have a good setup for milk using G2?


I made a quick test; what do you think about this?



that looks great gerardo. care to share your setup? My other challenge is the translucency of a plastic milk jug. I just got G2, so I’m tryiing to figure out all of its subtleties.

thanks for the test.


I’ll bet it’s just the old hack of using Milk of Magnesia settings instead. :smiley:


Thanks Fester. G2 is excellent, however I didn’t do it with G2; are just LW gradients :smiley: (I don’t know if are the old hack of using Milk of Magnesia settings)
Basically is a gradient in luminosity channel. What you make is to position a Null object by way of light and choose as input_parameter: distance_to_object (the Null) for the gradient; then simply you should play with the gradients parameters visualizing the result with Viper.
I think that at the moment this trick is able to simulate any SSS effect very quickly and with more controllable results.
In this case difuse is 60% and the gradient in luminosity channel is 86%, this simulates the absorption of light inside the milk’s surface.
The difficult thing was to simulate the superficial tension of the milk edges in contact with the walls of the glass. What we make here is to position another Null on/above the milk surface and adjust a gradient in transparency channel (distance_to_object as input_parameter) so that only the edges of the milk are transparent; to improve the effect in the edges I used a slightly small copy of the milk_object; however I think that you may simulate the same effect with surface thickness or with a weightmap in this area; (Using G2 or not, you will need in any way to do this with LW gradients)
In general for translucency purposes with G2, I prefer to use very high values in Translucent_Lighting and normal (moderate) values in the SSS option. :slight_smile:



thanks so much for that tip Gerardo. I’ll give it a try. I appreciate your help. I’ll post my results.


oh no thanks. Waiting for your results, good luck :slight_smile:



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