Good spaceship concepts, that are free to use?


Is there a way to find good spaceship concepts, that are free to use? The concepts I find online are mostly from a game or film, and I don’t want to spend weeks modeling a spaceship, if it’s already used in a game or Film.
I could only find a few personal works from concept artists, and I do not like any of them really well.
So where do I find just personal spaceship concepts?

P.S. Sorry for my bad English


Design your own using real spaceships, limited as they are, as reference-material combined with your imagination and understanding of basic physics?

Lots of films have really bad concept art from a technical point of view anyway.

Or maybe set yourself a challenge of trying to make a primitive-object look like a spaceship based on textures and shaders alone?

Does the spaceship ever land on a planet? Or was it assembled in space and that is its only domain?
Does it have advanced technology that allows it to slow down whilst still in space which in turn allows it to land on planets without the need for heat shields etc?
The list could go on, but the answers affect the design of your spaceship.

Independence day: Resurgence had some awful concept art. They reverse engineered the alien space craft and yet still ended up with two separate aircraft. A helicopter without rotors and a fighter-plane that had wings. If you can hover and go into space and re-enter without burning up in the atmosphere, you don’t need wings and if you can do all those things without rotors, why have all the dorky attributes associated with something with rotors.

Surely it is better that it is your own work regardless of whether it is any good or not?


Thank you for your response.
I just heard, that modelling your own designed spaceship isn’t that good, if you don’t have any experience in concept design. No matter how good your modelling is, the bad concept is always having a big influence on how people look at your spaceship. But maybe I’ll give it a try. Thank you


Remember most ‘concept’ art is done in 2D as it is much faster to proof multiple ideas this way begining with just sketches. Usually by the time something is ‘built’ in 3d it is more of an asset. Or way closer to a final idea.
Even for a pro - modeling 3d concepts is too slow to sketch out and brainstorm practically. There are some mechanical exceptions (the Transformers film assets come to mind) but they are exceptions.

Seems you don’t have much recourse but to google till you see something you like and then approach the artist directly about using it.


So you want to model a spaceship, and you want it to be somewhat original, but you don’t have a particular idea in mind…
The thing about concept art is that it depicts a concept. You could just start modeling from a known concept artist, as you are merely taking inspiration.
Compare the ships in Star Wars to Ralph McQuarrie’s original designs. They are quite different in many ways because of how the model makers interpreted those designs. Perhaps you could interpret them your own way…
Alternately, think of a design challenge you want your ships to be built around. Many of the “hard” sci-fi designs of the 50s and 60s assumed that the only way to recreate the effects of gravity would be to put part or all of the ship in rotation. Design the ship around its function. If it’s a gunship, make it from a large gun. Or build the engines first and graft the rest of the ship onto them. If it’s a carrier or has a landing bay, build the ship around that.
Remember, there are facets of design that together create limitless possibilities. Spaceships can be practical or fantastical… They can be fragile conglomerations of separate modules joined together in zero-g, or durable hulks constructed in surface shipyards. They can be covered in greebles and whatnots. or almost supernaturally perfect. Just keep looking at the art that is already out there, and find something you like and when you do just don’t look at it again until after you’ve made your model. If it resembles the concept art, give that artist credit. And if it doesn’t, congratulations.


Oh, just model something that LOOKS cool. Not one spaceship we’ve ever seen in any film, game, or even “reality” is physically plausible yet, so don’t even worry about that. Spaceships don’t fly - they only increase or decrease acceleration, change vectors, and spin.


Just an idea, Artstation has tons of spaceship sketches and references. Some bad, some really good. Some used in productions, some just ideas. A quicksearch gives you some idea. Just ask the artist and go to town.