GOOD new or BAD news?


With all the anouncements this year with Alias, Modo XSI and others doing cool stuff.
where dose this leave Newtek?
I, for one, am getting a little concerned.


I don’t know, but there is sure no lack of tools.:slight_smile:


Personally I feel that it is good news for artists.
hopefully the competition will make it a fun year.


little known fact: whenever a new version of another 3d app comes out tools disappear out of the installed version of lightwave on your Hard drive, crippling it’s functionality. Announcements break tools, this leaves Newtek with donuts.


Maxon CInema 4D 9 just added, micro poly displacement, N-gons, cloth etc. Now I’m definitely selling my LW 8 except I don’t think anyone will buy it… how long does it take Newtek to add ngons ?? Cinema 4D has passed LW with version 9 plus the upgrade is very cheap :wink: good luck Lw users…


Such an abundance of low cost but yet truly powerful tools can only be a good thing for CG artists.


I’m not sure but i think Newtek already played their ace with LW8. I can’t say i’m tempted with other apps at the moment. Why replace something if its not broken?


Isn’t broken?
Take a look ->
I see nothing but broken tools.


I second that one…working with new stuff is always fun…just because you buy another tool does not mean you’re abandoning the others you already have…I’ve yet to meet a painter with only one brush:)


Cheers! Best thing I have ever read in the Lightwave forum. =)


Don’t cut Newtek short just yet. Pretty much every year people predict the demise of Lightwave. When Maya was cut in price, when Max popped a new version, and now when XSI is cut in price. And funny enough, LW is still here and a workhorse in many places.

Today however, it’s so cheap to buy software for any production environment (compared to the good ol days of Softimage 3D, Henry & Alias/Wavefront) so it’s almost easier to just buy whatever the artist is proficient with rather than try to just recruite artists who knows just one package. Most of the packages also work very well together so it’s a minor technical issue.

And cheap software means more will learn it without taking the pirate route which is a good thing.


You forgot Max 7 and Cinema4D R9 have just been announced. Somehow, I have always sense that Cinema4D will surpass LW in terms of development speed and more adaptable to change, even when it was still version 6.


Good luck squeezing speculation out the Lightwave forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m happy with 8. Maybe I can afford Cinema 4d down the line too. Not feeling to worried about anything at the moment; more excited, if anything.


If the news of XSI’s price drop encourages Newtek to really sort out the core of LW and start in-house inovation again in order to be competative on all levels, then it’s a good thing.

If on the other hand it encourages Newtek to try and be competitive on cost by keeping a smaller in-house development team and bolting yet more 3rd-party plug-ins on top of an already creaking core just to be able to put another tick on the feature list, then it’s a bad thing.

It’s the way that Newtek have been bolting on features in recient years that really don’t work in a co-ordinated way that bothers me. Look at the implementation of UV’s in LW6, Ok a few features short in the early releases, but the ability to use all modellers tools (with the same keyboard shortcuts) was brilliant.
But look at recient offerings, they all mainly work in isolation, each with their own set of different shotcuts, despite doing similar things.


Yup. I’ve been using XSI together with LightWave for quite a few months now - the two complement one another really well :slight_smile: XSI is an absolutely fantastic application that reminds me a lot of LightWave, in terms of workflow. It has a very similar intuitive edge to it.


It seems to me that more and more pipelines are becoming less package specific.
meaning that more tools are being used to complete a project.
while I see this choice as being beneficial for artist creative expression. It is hard on the bank account. Not so much as before, with all the price drops, but still. I think the old days of using one piece of software to do everything is quickly fading away. Of course I am saying this as a one person operation. Full studios have different issues.
I hope that newtek can realisticly assess their strengths and weaknesses and capitalize on them. Or maybe they can really come through and be the one and only “studio in a box.”
All I know is that for now I can do everything I need to do with lightwave, but I am willing to explore other options, if things are easier elsewhere.l I have lots of time invested in LW and feel a certain amount of loyalty. But I must remember that the final output is the most important thing. I will use any method that I can to get the look I want. If this mean looking to other solutions then so be it. I just need to ask my wife for permission.
he he…
no seriously


On the Modo feature front, access to command History is a huge plus, Ngon support, new vertex maps, edge tools, scripting in Perl, Toolpipe customization etc… sounds like they’ve been listening to what a lot of Lightwave Users have been asking for, for quite some time. It also opens up a new route into Maya which can only be a good thing.

I’m surprised though with Lux that they’ve trashed their online user-database and Preset Library. No sign of that now on their site which seems a bit fickle, here today gone tomorrow. I think they have high asperations and and clear vision for the future, but it’s still uncertain times. It’ll obviously puts more pressure on Newtek. But an excitng time for users.

I can see myself using more than one package, which reminds me of one of my favorite geeky quotes from GIS “over-specialize and breed in weekness”.


You might have missed the news item on

We’re keeping the .net site as our user community (all packages & platforms welcome). The lw presets aren’t going anywhere. The site may be closed for a few days this month for an upgrade, but other than that we’re going to continue improving the community site.



okay someone kick me. “duh! how did I miss that?” Many thanks jason. also gets you there :slight_smile:


Saw modo today and got to talk with the demo artist…it looks beautiful from an appearance level, but in all honesty, it’s just a modeler and still has some shortcomings.

There are no splines, no patch modeling, no history…and it still has some limitations from a workflow standpoint (yes it is robust, but i think it misses the mark on certain things that are inherent in the architecture it is trying to improve upon).

The price tag is a little robust considering what is available in the current market.

Modo is a stab in the right direction, but in the end, it is missing its mark…let’s just go to Utah for the solution, shall we say.

A little 2 years too late in my humble book.