Good Hair day at Maxon


[center]3D software developer MAXON is pleased to announce the first completely integrated professional CINEMA 4D module for the creation of hair, fur and feathers.

				MAXON, December 6, 2005 - Known simply as "HAIR", this new module lets users quickly and easily add astonishingly realistic hair to objects. The hair can be styled using HAIR's extensive tool palette, and a custom 3D shader gives artists complete control over the appearance of the hair. HAIR is not only easy to use, it's very fast, offers excellent rendering quality, and requires very little memory. An average configuration can easily render millions of hairs.

HAIR adds to MAXON’s already impressive array of features for character designers. Characters will come alive through the combination of HAIR and the MOCCA module, which includes the cloth simulation tool, Clothilde. Naturally, all features work seamlessly together within CINEMA 4D. The editor view is updated in real time and the preview quality can be adjusted as desired.

Much attention was given to achieving a high level of interactivity. An extensive and intuitive toolset was created with over a dozen tools, such as brush, comb, curl and cut. The look of the hair is defined by a special HAIR shader. In addition to such properties as shine, frizz and thickness, a texture can also be loaded to define a color pattern for the hair.

Dynamic forces, including collision detection, can be used while styling and animating the hair. Forces such as gravity, wind, turbulence or twist can be used to create breathtaking animations. HAIR also offers an impressive cache functionality, which makes viewing the effects of dynamics or preparing a file for network rendering a breeze. Artists can even edit individual frames after they’ve been cached.

MAXON HAIR requires CINEMA 4D R9.5. Special introductory prices are available until Dec. 31, 2005.

						[b]About MAXON Computer[/b]

MAXON Computer is the developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions. Its award-winning products have been used extensively in the film, television, science, architecture, engineering and other industries. MAXON products have been used for and in Polar Express, The Flight of the Phoenix, Hero, Van Helsing, King Arthur, Spiderman, Spiderman 2, Haunted Mansion, Cat in the Hat, Charlie’s Angel’s-Full Throttle, Star Wars 2-The Attack of the Clones, The Mummy Returns, Gladiator, Tomb Raider, the new Columbia-TriStar Film Logo, the On-Air Packages for Comedy Central, Monday Night Football, Discovery Channel Canada, Lucky, Touching Evil, King of Queens, Def on Demand, Power Puff Girls Music Video, Cher’s “Song for the Lonely” Music Video, Inspector Gadget, The Emmys on CBS, TiVO, NBC, DirecTV, CBS NFL, Mad TV, Smart House, J.A.G., The WB, Fox Kids, The Fremont Street Experience and many more. MAXON has offices in Friedrichsdorf (Germany), Newbury Park (CA, USA), Bedford (UK) and Tokyo (JP).


Truly awesome christmas fluffiness!


i’m not trolling, just wondering… this is the reason Maxon has stopped integrating and updating s&h?
excuse my curiosity…


Ok - THE question that everyone who has invested in S & H wants to know - Will there be a special “side grade” offer for us?

(I am currently waiting for a call back from Raffi at for an answer to this…)


Edit: Ok - just got off the phone with Raffi. No special deal for S & H owners, except that the $100 off deal will not end for S & H owners - it will always be $100 off, even after Dec 31. Disappointing, but better than nothing I suppose - gives me time to save up some cash.


Excellent news :thumbsup:



No, cause and effect are a bit different here. Since Shave could never be fully integrated in CINEMA 4D we had to do our own solution sooner or later. The Shave updates are another matter in which i won’t go since i’m not free to disclose information on this.



I love you, Maxon…

In the words of Darth Sidious…
Shave and Fast&Fur were a necessary loss… soon I will have a new apprentice… much younger, and more powerful…

now, hairy up with the shipping date.


To the best of my knolwedge no, but the introductory price is imo a very fair offer to those who need realy good Hair for CINEMA 4D.
Don’t forget Shave and a Haircut is not a MAXON product.



I’m drooling and I don’t even do character animation.


Thumbs up, Maxon. :thumbsup:
So, I am not sure what to say. On one hand we have what seems to be an excellent module here. On the other side there seems to be a total neglect of S&H. I am sorry. I thought Maxon could come up with another solution for this.
To the creators of the module: you obviously have done a good job.


It must be Christmas.:thumbsup:


Fast & Fur is still a very good and comparably cheap tool for those who need only fur. Shave is still interesting for those that are accustomed to it from other applications.
As for the shipping date, give us a moment to finalize installers and disks, for the time beeing you can try the already available demo.



so, the hat-module remains under development ?

hair… great.


So guys, now you know what the beta testers have had to keep under their hats. Gentlemen, start firing questions. The bar is open.


Not to throw gas on the fire, but Maxon’s Hair kicks Shave’s ass. :slight_smile: Seriously, the styling tools are much much better, shading is better, dynamics are better, and it renders 5x as fast–at least.


Just placed my pre-order…good deal: $295! Raffi mentioned first week of January for the ship date.


As what …there is nothing to compare it with :wink:

private hair test




I knew it from the looks of the christmas hat in maxon homepage.
Good news for them character modellers, I’m sure. Perhaps Hair means that Maxon is dwelling into C4D’s character animation tools?:wink:

Keep up the good work,


A couple of WIPs (definitely still in progress):

These rendered in about 1m 30s on my X2 at 1280x1024.


Just one - how did you come up with that name?!

Seriously though, looks very interesting, I love the sketch examples, and the animation looks lovely. Price is reasonable too.

I don’t see that much has changed with Fast&Fur as Shave already existed; they’re serving different markets, and I imagine Renato was kept informed…?

Anyway, just one question - can someone post an image with a render time? These seem to be elusive…

Cheers - Chris