good gui tuts?



anyone know some good ps gui making tutorials?
btw, i’m also would like to know where can i find ps portfoilos that artists have online…



Creating Shapes
Adding Depth


this is old… any new things?

btw, i attached a new gui i made for an mp3 player, how does it looks?


Hope that helps


thanks, but i already know this one… :wink:


What exactly are you looking to learn Goodie?



i searched the entire net :stuck_out_tongue: but i didn’t found more than 4 tutorials on how to build a gui for a mp3/video player…


So you’re not really looking for tutes on creating 3D elements for the interface… but rather, specific tutes on creating skins for MP3 players and such… right?


creating skins or my own player, yes…


Ok well if you need specification for the player itself, WinAmp has them on their site. Here’s an url on their site with info and tutorials on this subject » WinAmp Skin Info/Tutes

As for the iFace elements… that stuff is all just the normal things you’d create for ANY type of iFace – buttons, knobs, panels, LCD displays, etc… And there are a number of sites that show how to create those things.


i’m not intersted in specifications…
i want info on how to make the graphics… [anyway - i’m making my own player…]
"And there are a number of sites " -& the url’s are ???



Ok well… then tell me exactly what type of graphics you’re looking for and i can be of better service.

In the meantime… here’s a lengthy list of places to check :» PS Links



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