Good-bye, chengjie wang (3D)


Title: Good-bye
Name: chengjie wang
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, After Effects, mental ray, Photoshop

Goodbye, Michael. We’ll miss you.King of pop!
You will live forever in my heart
As the days turn into months and the months into years, you will remain in my heart forever.
I love you ,Michael …


nice model and rendering love the lighting so much detail nice one


Awesome, great hair too, could’ve been Bad, but it’s spot on!


great lighting…

the model is great, but the ear look too solid…

good job…


I’m amased hoe people can achieve such likeness


oh my god , amazing

5 ***** 4 u :beer:

good lcuk 4 ever :thumbsup:


The ear could be a bit better I think but I’m just nit picking. Other than that, excellent job! Hair, textures and render are superb. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


light hao 、but neke impossible,I up with you!for 4 start!


Greatly done portrait of this victim of the starmania we all are responsible for. I agree with ajsa51 100%. 5*


Great job… we miss MJ :cry:


nicely done. very alike!


nice work! two thumbs up


nice work!
great modeling!
only the ears look not that nature.
i love MJ since i’m a kid.
miss him every night… :frowning:


looks good

im working as well on michael too
wish to me luck :slight_smile:


Nice resemblance and expression of peace, great colors, as said the ear could be softer and the shirt could do with a bit more work!, overall good job.


nice tribute to the legend.


Aww, Michael! Great job, looks just like him.




Nice color and lighting! The hair is pretty believable too. I also think the ear need some work. The wrinkles on the outfit is a bit short of realistic as well. Overall, good job on it!


Thanks, that’s a compliment.I will be do it better next time.
ok.the ear and fold are not good .Details is very important.haha…
I just had his picture painted to the memory of him.
This is it .