Good book?


I’ve looked through a few different 3ds Max 7 books at the bookstore and they are all very dry and boring. They are so darn boring they put me to sleep - I’m not kidding either. :smiley:

Mastering the Art of Production with 3ds max 4 by Jason ‘3DBuzz’ Busby and Michelle Bousqet is a bit dated but looks like the best book to really ramp up with reasonable hands-on exercises. Has anyone tried it? The other book that appeals to me is 3ds max 4 Media Animation by John Chismar. I’m a motion graphics artist who has some on/off experience with Lightwave. I use combustion every day and I feel there is something to be gained by incporporating 3D into my pipeline and 3ds Max 7 would make the most sense, I think.



Just yesterday I spent about $300+ on books. I feel quite bad about it now, lol. Anyway, most of those books were general animation, lighting and rendering etc… books and non specific to applications. If it’s the techniques you are after, then I suggest buying books on just that. I can’t really recommend any specific max book, but there is a thread on the topic here.


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