Gomon Online movie quality


I know Gnomon has top-notch instruction, but when I checked out their on-line tutorial examples at the highest resolution (both “High” & “Full”) the quality was very poor. I could not make out the interface at all.

I sent them a couple of e-mails inquiring abouot the resolution-quality of thier online tutorials, but have not received a response.

Could someone shed some light on this situation?

I was considering getting some of their DVDs, and would therefore, be most concerned about thier resolution/production quality. I am assuming that since I have not yet come across this concern by someone else that the DVDs are fine.

Any info regarding the above would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.


You’re not the only with this concern. However, and I know this sounds mean, the instructions are very very good, and you really should already know how the interface is laid out. Most of the time, they tell you exactly where to go anyways. Please, don’t skip out on the DVDs because of the quality. The things you learn from it will really benifit you.




The DVD quality is very good. I don’t care for the online school video’s for the most part as well. It’s mostly just tips and usually there is more to be desired. The DVDs however are fantastic.


I don’t think i’ve heard or read a single bad word towards the DVDs. They’re really good. I bought a hole bunch of them when i was first learning Maya and they helped me alot.


it definately is a must to know the interface well enough to know what is going on at any given time. the instructors talk the entire time through the DVDs so it is very clear what is going on. I think the DVDs illustrate the general concepts and workflow as opposed to what exact number to punch in for a setting. after all, if it was just number punching we wouldn’t need artists to operate the program. they are top notch learning resources, definately check them out


well the resolution on the DVDs should be quite a bit clearer than the quicktime videos. However, the resolution still leaves the UI quite blurry. However, if you don’t know the interface the learning maya DVD has photoshop screenshots. The DVDs are pretty well done for the most part. When I inquired about the DVDs I was told that they were shot for tv resolution and thus the quality isn’t super fine.

A question for those who have seen the Rendering DVDs- Why is it that Jeremy Engleman seems to have some sort of outtakes shots of some sort in the beginning of one of the Rendering DVDs, at least the one I got. I think it’s the 2nd or 3rd.


Thanks to all for your valuable info. And you’re right when you say I should be familiar with the interface. ( The reason I was concerned with the on-line video quality is that it didn’t compare to other sites that offered on-line-instruction movie quality. )

I think I’ll definitely go with the DVDs.

Again…thanks to all.


From sources I gather that Gnomon will be making really 2 cool new dvds.

  1. zbrush 2 be Meats
  2. Renderman by Saty.
    So better start saving now becuase in say december these dvds will be out there soon.


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