gollum in LOTR 2


Is it correct that gollum in LOTR 2 was modeled in Wings 3D and animated in Maya? I thought it was only Maya that had helped create him.


Mirai , not wings.

There are lots of threads that discuss this subject. Do a search.


Actually, what I heard was, that Gollum was modeled in Mirai and animated in Maya. I would consider Wings3d as Mirai little nephew :slight_smile:

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P.S. Supervisor of Gollum modeling was Bay Raitt, Mirai extrodaneir


Thanks, i did a search and looked it up. Its exactly how you both have said, it was modelled in Mirai.


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Gollum was modeled and animated in Maya.

“…To create Gollum, who appears in about 270 shots (many alongside and interacting with live actors), the artists began by modeling the character in Maya…”

“…Gollum, who was modeled and animated in Maya, was challenging to create because he needed to have human-like characteristics, and because he had to share many scenes with human actors…”

Check this article @CGW



The facial expressions were modelled in Mirai but the body and original head were sculpted in clay, scanned and then modified in Maya.


The facial expressions were modelled in Mirai but the body and original head were sculpted in clay, scanned and then modified in Maya.

Yes, scanning clay sculptures seams to be the way most CG characters in the LOTR series where created. And since Bay Raitt, who modeled the morph targets, has been engineering product specialist at Mirai for many years, this was naturaly his choice to create the blend shapes.


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in the cinefex magazine about LOTR 2, it also says that

“The Gollum facial model consisted of 675 sculpted expressions, with 9,000 sculpted muscle shapes. Individual sliders controlled sculpted shapes, giving animators the ability to cross-fade expressions in quadrants of the face, then apply individual muscle control…all of Gollum’s lip-sync was key-frame animated. Raitt created a library of mouth shapes corresponding to phonemes and gave animators the ability to mix them with preset facial poses.”

hows that for detail !!


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Raitt explains, “Gollum’s head began as a cube on my screen. Using scan data I got from the [Weta] Workshop, and working back and forth with the animators and Randy Cook and Peter Jackson, I modeled his face, laid out the UV’s [texture setup], and then delivered that puppet to the animators so they could get their shots done and out the door.”

Raitt explains, “Jamie would do a bunch of sculptures, and we would talk about them, and I would suggest things that might not move very well. Back and forth, we would work. I would grab a sculpture off his desk, drag it back into our building…The guys in the modeling department would scan it, so we could have rough data for it…Then I would build a digital model of Gollum’s face from a cube, and try to line it up to the scan as best as I could. Jamie would come and sit at my desk, and we would pull the model around, see how it moved, see what it looked like with the brows up, and when it was smiling. As we tested the design, Jamie would see, and say, ‘Oh, we need to change this, and this.’ Then he would run back to his desk, and sculpt the changes in clay. Back and forth, back and forth, until eventually Peter approved it.”


in the article bay raitt mentions mirai as his tool for digital sculpting


You can find out more about Bay and Gollum on his forum.:smiley:


thats so easy to do in XSI, all you need is time, but after all XSI\MAYA are very closely related…

i had heard they used XSI for something… is this wrong?


WOW! So this ‘clay’ program must be really good, better then Maya? Where can I get this clay program? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes:


Your outa luck. Check Rocket3d for the page, but it is only v.9 so far and has only been released to a select group of beta testers. Martin Krol (Ambient-Whisper on CGtalk and elsewhere) uses it, check his recent gallery posting for a good example of a finished product.


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you folks might also be interested to know about the neat approach WETA used for modeling and animating Gollum - as well as many other characters.

Apparently they took a polysmoothed Gollum into ZBrush and painted in all his surface detail. What comes out the other end is pretty unbindable … however, the solution is to create a WRAP deformer of the lowrez cage mesh OVER the ‘messy’ high definition ZBrush geometry … a pretty awesome workflow if you ask me …