Golf Fantasy Illustrated, Jose Pardo (2D)


Title: Golf Fantasy Illustrated
Name: Jose Pardo
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

Hello All,
I hope the Holidays were good to everyone. Here is something I finished a couple of weeks ago. I was inpired by many things for this one.
Probably should spend more time on the aging of the magazine but I am pretty darn sick of it by now. I am feeling pretty comfortable with my current set of brushes and technique in Photoshop. Still need to work on a better drawing out of the gate though.


looks like she has two left legs and feet… iono… :shrug: probably just me…

great job tho, certainly a “lucky club” to be in! :smiley: *****tugudug tsssssss



Very nice wor!k I like style and idea :slight_smile:


Gorgeous! Love the style and the mood.


inspiration of george petty no???:scream: i like your work:love:


Thanks for the visits guys!

Ragdoll- One of my biggest pet peeves is when I see a person in a painting with two left or right extremeties, always makes me wonder what the artist was thinking… although I dont quite see it in this image I bet you can tell what I was thinking… what a lucky club! :slight_smile:

Rawwad- Thanks sir!

Ikaa- Thank You!

Picolo- George Petty? You lost me there, but thanks for the visit!


truly awesome. You can never outgrow pin up girls.


realy nice layout … oh look grasses … cheers:thumbsup:


great one jose~u definitely achieved the pin up feel in this :thumbsup:


Hi, Jose, very sympathetic pin-up and quite carried out,
good job.
E.T :cool:


Hahahaha awesome.

I think her hand feels weird poking her own cheek like that, not that it looks anatomically incorrect, but I just feel she would have her hand sort of… near her mouth when she does a little gasp, or something. And do put an old paper texture over this :smiley: could greatly enhance the feel of the image imo. Great work.


naughty golf sticks…=p
great job…love the background…^^


Thanks Guys, I really appreciate it!

Peachysticks-I was trying to achieve a “fake” innocence with her hand pose. In other words she knows full well that her skirt got caught on the clubs, but bent down anyways acting all innocent, in order to “tease” us with the view. Maybe that didnt come accross the way I had hoped?


Well I could nit-pick on the tiny things but lets not. Lets focus on the positive :thumbsup:

The best thing about this image is it made me smile :D. Thats got to be the best emotion to cause (or extreemly jealousy) because of your art… well it deserves;



im positive ive just clicked on DSG/SOWT, how strange…

anyway, great piece, i like the humour… now, where to find a golf course


Big fan of Gil Elvgren, eh? :wink:


Thanks Tom, really appreciate it! I know she has some flaws, but what woman doesnt? ; )
Glad she made you smile!

Leon-I have quite a few golf courses all around me (I live in Florida) but I asure you I have never seen a hottie like this.


Hi Robert, you snuck in while I was typing. I just discovered him about a month ago. A friend of mine showed me one of his books and I fell in love. Man, I wish I would have discovered him while I was in college, my female images would be so much more attractive. Yeah, the man is a God in my eyes!


:D:D awesome painting man!

Very 30’s! It’s really beutiful, the chick as well :thumbsup:

from me :applause:


Oh! I like it very much, very Pin-Ups style. Amazing color.My congrats!