Goldie Locks And The Three Bears, Vanja Todoric (2D)


Title: Goldie Locks And The Three Bears
Name: Vanja Todoric
Country: Serbia
Software: Photoshop

hey guys long time no see :slight_smile:

here is the final image i have posted for my first CGsociety “Secret Agent” challenge.

Here is the plot …

The World famous POTATO PORRIDGE factory gets a anonymous tip of a “Mama Bears Home Made P.Porridge” that tastes so good, the sources say it may endanger the existence of their factory and brand.
After losing trace of six of their finest agents, the board of directors sends agent “G” (aka Goldie Locks) to try infiltrate and steal the recipe for “MBHMPP”.
While The Bears are away, agent “G” sneaks into their home, finds the recipe but the problem suddenly appears … the SECRET INGREDIENT part is missing

In order to find out what the secret ingredient is, she starts tasting the porridges served on the table. They taste so good but she is unable to make out the secret ingredient part.
All of a sudden her eyes feel very heavy, she tries to fight it as long as she can, but eventually she drops on the bed near by, and in that moment the missing pieces of the puzzle reveal the horror, that is her soon to be future …

The bears are the ones responsible for the anonymous tip, bears are the ones who tricked agent “G” into tasting the porridge with the sleeping potion in it,

and the secret ingredient, … secret ingredients are secret agent body parts :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are interested you can see my WIP thread here:

Hope you guys like it,
comments and critics are more than welcome


Wow, great work! I don’t think I’ve really ever seen another painting submitted here that’s done in this style, and I always love it when I see something unique like this. It’s very distinctive and retro. I really like the light outlines around everything, it adds a really cool graphic edge to it. Really great choice of colours too, there is a nice sense of complimentary contrast in the image. Really great concept for the challenge too.

Wonderful work. Front page!


This is a really strange image, but I love it! The texture and color choices are amazing.


ya man, nicely done with a great style …

that bear in the middle … his face expression is awesome … can’t know what he is thinking about …

good luck on the challenge :slight_smile:


This great.

It has such a wicked look to it, I agree with leigh this has a unique look to it but familiar.
Your story really lives in that image.

…the bears…


Excellent style and crazy back story! I love the darkened shade for the bears, and the overall design.

By the way - its spelt ‘porridge’, not pourage. It took me a while to understand what you meant! :scream:

Great stuff.


Hey, front page! Congrats :thumbsup:


nice nice work. I love it two thumbs up my friend, how long was the workload?


i’ve already written that i like it! cool characters. i like baby-bears expression, not sure if he really wants to eat this…


Great work, I love the color and the characters :thumbsup:


Wonderful work - I really lke this style. And as Leigh says, it feels totally fresh. Well deserved front page!


VERY cool work!
Best regards, Selwy


Absolut great idea and brilliant draw, unique characters, nice colors! Five stars.


great compositon+great colors+great characters+great idea= amazing image!!


I love your style man! the expressions are sweet, and the detail is on point. Awesome!
Eliseo Santos: Illustrations


amazing work here!


great style!! 5 stars for me love the color concept and comp really unique!


great use of colors and style,
Well deserved front page.Keep it up :thumbsup:


Great work. I like how the eye is attracted to the red’s then follows down the page, telling the story as it goes. The graphic treatment is refreshing too!


Best take on it yet, very nice work.

I love the designs and the colors. I’d love to see more. Do Little Red Ridding Hood next.