Golden Compass Wins VFX OSCAR!: R+H, Framestore-CFC, Cinesite, Rainmaker, DD, Tippett


Best Achievement in Visual Effects

[color=white]Congratz to[/color]
[font=Arial, Helvetica, san-serif][color=white]Michael L. Fink, Bill Westenhofer, Ben Morris, Trevor Wood[/font][/color]

The houses:
[li]Rhythm & Hues [/li][li]Rainmaker London[/li][li]Framestore-CFC[/li][li]Digital Domain [/li][li]Cinesite[/li][li]Tippett Studio[/li][/ul]


“kind of fun to do the impossible”… Nice line !

Congratulations to all involved.



it was announced 2 min. a go, man you are fast…hehehe…anyway, congrats to all members of the team… a sourprise i think, transformers was my favorite, but the Golden Compass was incredible as well.


Well, as much as I hate when results don’t go as I anticipated (more a personal issue I have of not being able to predict), congratulations to Michael Fink, Bill Westenhofer, Ben Morris, and Trevor Wood for their fantastic work! :thumbsup:


I was wondering what all the hooting and hollering was downstairs, I just caught the tail end of the speech in the screening room.


Back to work.


wow this is a big suprise.
well I worked on the film, liteturally speaking my favourite was “the transformers” by ILM,
anyway. congratulations to the all crew from framestore, cinesite to r&h and many others.
well done. yeah.



Ok, I am totally psyched right now.
My first gig out of school was to be hired on at Rhythm & Hues to work on “The Golden Compass” and now for it to win, is something that totally makes me feel like I have made it where I wanted to get to when I decieded to do this for a living.
I will be honest, I realisticly thought that one of the other two would take the win, but far be it for me to argue.


I would add Rainmaker London - now CIS London - they were involved in diverse part of the movie, actually can’t remember.

finally, as I remember Peerless Camera Company ( London ) did something on the movie.

its a magic day, I will remeber it!




holy shi*! i thought ilm would win this year. But golden compass was stunning visually too.

either of them would be,would be well deserved.


edit: yey! i’ve passed 2000th post on cgtalk! some1 hug me!


Transformers …lost?
No way…


Go, “Compass”, go! That was really a great surprise, for I really liked “Compass”.

Congrats to all of you guys n´gals who worked on it. :thumbsup:


Amazing result.

Congrats to all. :slight_smile:


Congrats to everyone involved!


Great work people.…:bounce:


Congrats to the R & H crew!

Its nice to see the long hours and stressful days get rewarded…



Awesome! What a great start to the week!! Congrats everybody!!


Hollywood never passes on an opportunity to show disdain for ILM(George Lucas’s infamous disdain for Guilds and unions) . Don’t get me wrong the “Compass” was good visually, but what ILM did with Transformers was insane, no comparison. And for Boewulf and “300” to not even be nominated just shows and proves the Academy is full of “who you know and who you belong to.”

congrats guys


transformers got ROBBED …



Congratulations to all involved with “The Golden Compass”:thumbsup:

Woooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo. :bounce:


Totally agree…

Still congrats to the GC team… brilliant stuff!