Gogo Girl


Started modelling her last night, I’m pretty happy with it so far. Tris at the mo are just under 3500. Still got her mace to do before the UVing starts. C&C always welcome. Updates soon. :smiley:


Nice start so far!

Certainly looks like who it’s meant to look like! :thumbsup:

Don’t understand the thinking behind the topology in the middle of the arm, elbow is fine, but why the extra faces at the front there ?

should be cool textured.


Proportions look odd on the torso area. Looks elongated. Besides that I look forward to seeing this :slight_smile:

If the torso is reduced you will have to reduce all limbs and arms to make it work but it is elongated.


Did a more detailed thing. Please do not take it the wrong way you were very close to the figure.

The pics from left to right. Your Ref, Your model, a Googled medical female form, and the fixed one.

The Red lines sort of indicate the main parts and for the most part you were ok. The few that were a bit off were torso and legs (on legs it is hard to tell what part you want as the knee so that is debatable) Since you have clothing on her it is hard to tell were the main figures of the torso area. So I did a blue marks that later copy and pasted to your model and the blue marks on some them extend outwards from the model it self. This already indicates it is too slim. ( of course this is a Caucasian basic body type so it is different like in butt areas etc.) The clothing are not skin tight so it would be thicker in those areas.

What I changed on the final one. Widened here upper body Made the arm shorter but a tad thicker also. Hands are slightly bigger. Made the legs wider and moved the skirt up wards. Also because of the changes the arms needed to be shortened. The arms that are on the normal area are yours and the other have been copy pasted and matched up with the circle Also the v neck has been elongated downwards (this is not on the ref I just exaggerated it a little, makes the figure still look full but still tall)


Cheers S.J. Erm I just thought It would help the silhouette, and add a bit more form to the arm. If it makes no difference I can always collapse the edges and use texture.

Proportions are still being tweaked Desp, I might widen the torso slightly to compensate, she lined up to the 2nd ref, plus cos shes wearing a jacket it might look a little long.

a few pics for those not in the know:



Cheers Desp, theres no way I could possibly take it the wrong way after that effort!! :thumbsup:
I agree it looks a little long thats why I said I was still tweaking the proportions. It was a little difficult getting the proportions right with just one view so I’m hunting around 3dsk for a suitable model. If all else fails I’ll just fatten her up!! :smiley:

Thanks again dude.


I missed something on the arms the crease on my fixed version is in the wrong area that would be lower look at the med one.

One other thing which might be tough at the end is making sure she has the pointy shoulders that gives her a lot more width visually.

Np :slight_smile: Last time I missed some stuff on your model so I want you to do a great job all around on this one. I Know you do cool stuff :slight_smile:


Cheers mate, yeah I’d taken the shoulders into consideration too. I’ve tweaked the proportions now and I think I’ve got it looking right.And now… unto the mace.


Cool choice and clean topologie.
Maybe her face is a bit off. For sure her chin is too round and looking at the references, I think it would make sense to start the mouth loop from the side of her nose, maybe even over it.

flo :beer:


Yeah I agree Florian, cheers. :slight_smile: I used a differet ref for her face. Looks a little rounder than in the film dont you think? I have however tweaked the loops, done the mace and started Uving. Texture updates soon.



yea not bad…the only thing that bug me…is that nose…it is looking just a litle bit to big…gogo as a special nose…but it is not so big…the rest is good working!!..already wanted to see it textured


You gotta be kidding me, her nose is massive!! :slight_smile:


okey this part seam a litle bit to large on your model…make her almost ugly…but gogo is not ugly she is just looking more like a freak…(ba my opinion…lol)

ho well just triing to help!!^^ keep working!! its already looking like her anyway


Yeah the nose is pretty think. I think in the nose bridge it needs to be pushed in a bit. Actually where super indicated. See how the nose shape smoothes out even more at the top to the eyes and face area. Also the nose seems too bulbous for a lady. I forget what it is called but the nostrils parts need to smooth out a bit more to the peak of the nose. Right now the nose looks a bit masculine. Here nose is big but it needs a few tweaks. I think the size is good just need to smooth it out in some areas.

Edit: The chin needs to be a bit flatter also. Right now it is too pointy.

Edit2: I keep going at the ref an noticing some small things… sorry for these many edits…

Well I saw that eyes could be a tad smaller but that is not the problem I see right now the eyes do not have the feel of asian. You do have them slanted a bit but it needs to have much more the shape. Trace the shape of the eye lid and you will see.


Not a prob, Desp, Super. I had to make a judgement call between the two chins (like shes fat!!) cos I have a few refs for her and none of em line up. I have a happy medium which I’ll post up later… about the bridge of the nose, the smoothed version is a truer representaion of what she looks like and a front wireframe can be a little decieving. Its not as high as it looks. As for the eyes, wait for the texture and mascarra, I lined those eyes up good and proper. :smiley:

P.S next time I’m making a “generic soldier character” !!


Hey F!

Yep, hope you fixed the chin as it’s about as wide as her mouth in that front photoshot.

I just noticed the odd tri’s at her back, just under the hair - seems odd how the edgeflow is broken so abruptly. Saving polys?

And I agree with Florian about the mouth loop starting at the top of the nostrils - at the moment it looks like she has a permanent pout. Also would you be able to add that dip at the top of the lips, just before the corner of the mouth (the lips are full at the centre, then dips a bit, then smoothes to the corners - sorry, dunno the anatomical name for it)? Your model has a smooth arc from middle to corners of the mouth, which isn’t like the ref. :-/

This is going to be a steallar piece once the hair texture takes shape. :Thumbs:


I was kinda dissapointed seeing this after reading the title (i was expecting a parodius-style go-go dancer!) but, yay! Chiaki kuriyama rules!
Nice choice of model - if you wouldnt have done it, i woulda :smiley:

I think it looks good so far - smoothing your polys would help the look of it and i cant really crit on the face until its been smooth shaded or textured. It looks ok at the moment - i cant tell for sure, but i think the bridge of her nose and her mouth looks a little strange, and the gap between her eyes and mouth is a bit large. If it matches the reference overlay, then so be it!
Maybe pump a few more polies into her shoulders and knees to help deformation too.

Keep up the work - she should end up lookin ace!


Sorry to Dissapoint, Andy I know how much you like your scantily clad women! :smiley: Thanks for the observations, peeps. Been away from the real world for a week thanks to flu, however I started on the textures and I’ve knocked out a few initial renders. I’ll post more when I’ve made more progress.


Lookin gooood - shes lookin a lot better now she has a face texture. She looks a teeny bit masculine, but heck - shes got a large nose anyway :smiley:


First off the clothing is well done and everything else looks spot on. The face has troubles though…

Things that jump at me fast are the cheek areas and they feel too smoothed back closer the chin. The mouth is huge compared to the real thing. The nose is also way too bulbous still. I was hoping I was wrong because I did not see the side view to the nose.

The nose can be fixed with a clever skin but the mouth and cheek areas need to be tended too.

What my instincts tell me the mouth can be scaled down all together to make it smaller. The cheeks need to be smoothed so it smoothes out the side of nose. The nose maybe with those changes will look alright but if not the nose it self feels a tad to long. Be careful of too much shadow on the nose area that can also be creating a bad effect.

Faces are the toughest parts to do imo so I know how it is.


The clothing is really looking good, so nice job on that.

I have to agree with Desp#2/Rog on the face crit though. The mouth does need scaling down some and the nose could do with tweaking.

Where the nose joins the base of the forehead you can see in this pic that it goes almost straight down from the forehead, where on the model you’ve curved it in slightly just under the forehead, so you could probably do with reducing that curve. You have the nose bridge running down to the tip convex enough, but once it hits the nose tip, the line from the tip running down to the nose crease needs to be a seperate curve rather than a continuation of the bridge line, and it also needs to be more concave. Also, at the sides of the nose you need to make it blend slightly more with the face. To some degree you can just do this with the shading on the texture.

  It's kind of tough for me to explain all of this, so I knocked up a quick image.

Hope that makes things a little clearer. Also, the hair could do with some transparency so that the strands aren’t so blocky, but i’d imagine that was something you’ll be doing at some point anyway.

  Dispite all this crit it's fairly minor stuff, so overall the model is certainly on it's way. :)