Goddess of the Amazons, Sergey Nikitin (2D)


Title: Goddess of the Amazons
Name: Sergey Nikitin
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop

This work has been done for challenge DominanceV
Painted with a Wacom tablet in Adobe Photoshop

If an ancient civilization had a modern technological level of development, would had been her myths?
I think so, because such subjects as friendship, love, heroism are in demand in any era.
Undoubtedly, the external surroundings of famous stories would have been different. The gods would not cast lightnings from Olympus, but, for example, they would hit their enemies with laser from space stations. They would not hunt with bows and spears but with sniper rifles. And those gods would have been looked more like the heroes of Star Wars than the pastoral athletes and beautiful women.
The painting depicts the goddess of the Amazons in a modern interpretation. Her work day is over and she quietly contemplates her possessions. Somewhere below, with her beautiful trusts all is well and the goddess is in a peaceful state.
But at the slightest signal, she immediately spreads her wings- armors and rushes to any place where her help and protection are needed.


WOW! Great painting, I love her face and detail a lot! :smiley: Cheers!


Very beautiful work Sergey! :applause:


There are many things that I like about this piece. My favorite parts are her hands and her staff (it’s really intricate and cool looking, and it has a good angle on it as well). Her legs ends up looking distorted though due to the odd shape of her foot gear (I don’t mind bulky, but it’s just now looking right on her legs and feet right now, and ends up seeming to twist her leg position). I like the addition of the hummingbird very much (it’s cute and it works well with the subject here for some reason). The white bird, not as much, but it’s okay. Interesting armor style and armor/cape wings she has. Keep it up. Great job.


cool work! Love the design of the armor and face and hands looks incredible aswell.


I loved the detail level of the metallic items.
Her face is very nice and her hands are perfect.
Very good job.


Sergey, great work! Love the details! :thumbsup:


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